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GlobeAir is the leading and award-winning private jet charter company in Europe offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. Founded in 2007, we are setting the benchmark in private jet charter services all around Europe. What’s the reason behind our success? Flying to over 984 airports in Europe with only 15-minute boarding time, we ensure a fast and flexible travelling experience to help increase your productivity and efficiency while travelling.

Book in less than a minute

Book your private jet online in less than a minute and reach your destination the fastest way.

Dedicated concierge services

We offer ad-hoc limousine or taxi transfers upon arrival and dedicated concierge services during your trip. We can book you in at your favourite hotel, restaurant or event.

Frequent-flyer program

Purchase in-flight hours and enjoy discounted prices and guaranteed availability with our jet card programs. Enhance your flexibility with GlobeAir.

15-minutes boarding time

Save up to 3 hours on each of your trips with our 15-minutes boarding time. Enjoy the privacy of dedicated private-jet terminals, or FBOs, and relax at one of the many VIP lounges.

Popular routes

With 15 years of experience, we are the market leader in the industry for very light jets, allowing you to hire your very own private aircraft to travel around Europe’s hubs in the fastest way. This is the most cost-effective way to have access to your own private business jet for those very important meetings. Discover GlobeAir's trending routes this season.

Popular routes

Hamburg (HAM)
→ Berlin (BER)

Limited offer: €6,400 *
BTC 0.30825

Flight time: 00:45 h

* valid up to 72 hours prior departure

Linz (LNZ)
→ Hamburg (HAM)

Limited offer: €6,900 *
BTC 0.33233

Flight time: 01:30 h

* valid up to 72 hours prior departure

Hamburg (HAM)
→ Munich (MUC)

Limited offer: €7,400 *
BTC 0.35641

Flight time: 01:20 h

* valid up to 72 hours prior departure

Leipzig (LEJ)
→ Munich (MUC)

Limited offer: €6,900 *
BTC 0.33233

Flight time: 01:00 h

* valid up to 72 hours prior departure

984 Exclusive destinations

Fly to over 984 European destinations including the small airports that airlines can't reach like Bolzano, Samedan, Sion, St. Moritz, Le Castellet, La Môle and others.

24/7 customer service

Contact our multilingual Customer Care Team at any time: we are available for you 24/7 whether it is by email, phone, WhatsApp or social media.

Helicopter transfers available

We partner with Europe’s most reliable helicopter charter companies to let you reach destinations like the Monaco principality hassle-free and with the best rates.

Pets allowed on board

Pets are always welcomed guests. Your cats, dogs and any other medium-sized domesticated animals are free to sit next to you while you fly.

AI powered pricing

With an AI powered machine learning algorithm to provide real-time price estimates, we can guarantee the best rates available as well as the most efficient itineraries.

Luxury travel inspiration

We offer incredible travel experiences combining top-notch transport with luxury hotels, secluded hideaways and exclusive activities all year round.

Exclusive events in Europe

We partner with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry like Amber Lounge, among others, to offer you exclusive access to Europe’s exclusive events.

On-board liquids allowed

Compared to the traditional airlines, we ensure more freedom for your trips. Board with your champagne bottles and don't worry about liquid restrictions.

Popular destinations

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, charter a private jet from your closest airport; when you reach your destination, let us escort you to the doorstep of your chosen location in comfort. With 90% of European airports covered, you can choose from some of the most popular destinations. Browse our suggestions below to get inspired.

Book your flight online

One of GlobeAir's most powerful tools is the online booking system where you can book your private jet charter flight within minutes. To provide a hassle-free booking experience our customer care team is here for you 24/7 via WhatsApp, Live Chat, E-Mail or telephone if you have any questions.

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Why choose GlobeAir?

15 years of experience in business aviation

Fly in Europe on-demand at your own pace. With full ownership of the fleet, GlobeAir does not need an owner’s approval thus making last-minute and short-notice requests a straightforward affair guaranteeing availabilities for all flights happening 48 hours after your bookings. Take advantage of fast airport procedures, no liquid restrictions, and tailored concierge services. For you, we can arrange ground transportation, courtesy car and helicopter transfers right upon arrival. Trust us when it comes to booking a table at your favourite hotel, restaurant or club; we partner with some of the top-leading hospitality facilities in Europe to offer you an unforgettable travel experience after every landing.

Get on board now

With the world’s largest fleet of modern Cessna Citation Mustang jets, GlobeAir provides a smart way of travelling around Europe with maximum efficiency and flexibility, at very short notice. Choose your preferred departure times and book your private jet journeys directly online; in seconds, your dedicated travel agent will take it from there. To save you time at checkout, we offer a wide range of fast and secure payment methods including credit or debit card, PayPal and Sofort. Plan, book and take off; it’s as simple as it seems. Get on board and experience our air taxi services today, or contact us for further information: we are available for you 24/7.

GlobeAir experiences

Enjoy our special offers and packages.

Get the ultimate Private Jet Card

Secure your prepaid hours and pay less for your private jet flights: On top of our on-demand private jet charters, we offer a jet card programme for frequent flyers. The DreamTeam JetCard by GlobeAir represents the most convenient alternative to owning a jet or choosing fractional jet ownership. You can secure your flight hours and enjoy many other benefits with a modest membership fee. Fly on your terms and discover all the advantages of our DreamTeam JetCard.

Also, find out more about our innovative and climate-conscious #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard.

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Empty leg flights

Empty legs are any private charter flights which travel with no passengers, on the way to repositioning the aircraft for the next destination. Because these are necessary, empty leg flights let you reach hub or leisure destinations like London, Nice or Olbia by saving up to 90% off the regular price of a private jet flight.

Upcoming last minute flights

London (OXF) → Hamburg (HAM)

June 16, 2024
6:40 AM → 9:28 AM
€13,127 (–48%)
Book for €6,790

Olbia (OLB) → Badenbaden (FKB)

June 16, 2024
10:05 AM → 12:00 PM
€8,792 (–22%)
Book for €6,890

Basel (BSL) → Le Mans (LME)

June 16, 2024
11:15 AM → 12:45 PM
€9,238 (–24%)
Book for €6,990

Albert (LFAQ) → Le Mans (LME)

June 16, 2024
11:30 AM → 12:30 PM
€6,726 (–27%)
Book for €4,890

Nice (NCE) → Le Mans (LME)

June 16, 2024
12:45 PM → 2:34 PM
€10,267 (–19%)
Book for €8,290

Munich (MUC) → Le Mans (LME)

June 16, 2024
1:00 PM → 3:08 PM
€8,697 (–10%)
Book for €7,790

Trieste (TRS) → Munster (FMO)

June 16, 2024
1:05 PM → 3:01 PM
€8,508 (–12%)
Book for €7,490

Figari (FSC) → Cannes (CEQ)

June 16, 2024
2:30 PM → 3:28 PM
€7,558 (–18%)
Book for €6,190

Split (SPU) → Venice (VCE)

June 16, 2024
3:50 PM → 5:03 PM
€7,923 (–13%)
Book for €6,890

Geneva (GVA) → Forli (FRL)

June 16, 2024
6:40 PM → 8:01 PM
€8,723 (–7%)
Book for €8,090

Catania (CTA) → Rome (CIA)

June 16, 2024
7:30 PM → 8:58 PM
€9,847 (–7%)
Book for €9,190

Milan (LIN) → Linz (LNZ)

June 16, 2024
9:30 PM → 10:51 PM
€9,833 (–6%)
Book for €9,290

Milan (MXP) → Palma (PMI)

June 17, 2024
7:55 AM → 9:59 AM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 27%

Milan (MXP) → Basel (BSL)

June 17, 2024
12:35 PM → 1:31 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 50%

London (BQH) → Paris (LBG)

June 17, 2024
12:06 PM → 2:10 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 47%

Reus (REU) → Palma (PMI)

June 17, 2024
1:15 PM → 2:00 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 55%

Milan (LIN) → Linz (LNZ)

June 17, 2024
2:39 PM → 4:00 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 39%

Munich (MUC) → Zagreb (ZAG)

June 17, 2024
2:50 PM → 4:00 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 44%

Brussels (BRU) → Amsterdam (AMS)

June 17, 2024
3:00 PM → 3:45 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 55%

Vienna (VIE) → Salzburg (SZG)

June 18, 2024
6:27 AM → 7:30 AM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 47%

Bologna (BLQ) → Milan (LIN)

June 18, 2024
11:06 AM → 12:00 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 37%

Forli (FRL) → Cannes (CEQ)

June 18, 2024
11:34 AM → 12:50 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 30%

Zurich (ZRH) → Rouen (URO)

June 18, 2024
12:47 PM → 2:30 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 21%

Tivat (TIV) → Figari (FSC)

June 18, 2024
1:00 PM → 3:02 PM
Flight not confirmed yet.

Probability 15%

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