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Idyllic villages, grazing sheep and the sweeping dunes of the Wadden Sea: people usually come to Sylt to escape everyday life. Take your chance to unwind at one of Germany's preferred seaside locations with a private jet from anywhere in Europe.

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When is the best time to go to Sylt?

It is in the summer that Sylt knows its tourism peaks. With hot and rainy weather – typical of July – that's also the time of the year when it is less easy to find availabilities for accommodation. September is the best month to go and visit as temperatures are mild and tourists are less.

Leisure travel

Sylt natives never let low temperatures spoil their beach fun. ‘Warm clothes, cold drinks’ is the order of the day, and the outdoor bars always stay open, even when the temperature drops below 20°C. For stunning views over the Wadden Sea, try the Sundowner Terrace at Walter’s Hof in Kampen, which also offers excellent accommodation. Over a glass of wine, with a view of the North Sea and the sun sinking below the horizon, you can ponder whether the deepest impression was left by the soft shapes of the Sylt landscape and the Nordic serenity of its residents, or by the streamlined silhouette and even temperament of the e-tron. Or perhaps a combination of the above, as part of a mutually complementary lifestyle.

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