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For thousands of years, Nice has been one of the great cities of the Mediterranean. With its luxury lifestyle, glamour and sun-soaked climate, it’s a magical all year round destination. Located a few miles from the Italian border, it is unquestionably one of France’s premier coastal destinations, with plenty to offer anyone who books an air charter.

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The beautiful thing about Nice is its balance between ancient and modern. In the same day, visitors can tour some exceptional museums and galleries, attend world-famous film festivals, relax on the beach or watch high-class football fixtures. However, it’s also a jumping-off point for some legendary luxury destinations. For instance, the Yacht Club of Monaco is a short drive away from Nice Airport (and an even shorter journey with a helicopter transfer to Montecarlo), so visitors can seamlessly connect with their yacht or reach casino hotels. Alternatively, they can just enjoy everything Nice itself has to offer. Either way, they are in for a wonderful time.

Leisure travel

In the 19th century, the French Riviera was discovered by elites from all over the world, attracting Brits, Russian nobles, American writers and anyone who valued fine weather, luxury accommodation and natural beauty. These days, the Riviera’s glamour has hardly dissipated. Every year, Cannes hosts its glamorous film festival, Monaco hosts its Grand Prix and restaurants like Le Chantecler or La Terrasse serve a blend of exceptional Provençal cuisine. It’s the kind of place that will delight those who want premium caviar and freshly harvested truffles as well as fans of the region’s hearty specialities like ratatouille or ravioli à la daube. And, of course, there’s wine, with south-eastern France producing some of the world’s great rose varieties.

Along with the elegance of the Côte d’Azur, the city of Nice is a wonderland of cultural attractions. Most famously, the area around Nice has been a magnet for artists. The light in Provence is legendary, allowing artists to conceive their works in crystal clarity. That’s probably why people like Cezanne, Gauguin and Picasso called the area home. Visitors can get a feel for this artistic heritage at leading galleries like the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain, which hosts works by 20th-century masters such as Calder or Klein. And no art fan should miss the Matisse Museum, one of the world’s finest showcases of the French modernist’s work. Nice also hosts musical festivals, with annual events dedicated to modern electronic and jazz styles, and some enchanting markets such as the flower stalls on the Cours Saleya, where visitors can see, smell and buy some extraordinary blooms of Provence’s countryside.

The best hotels

When visitors take an air taxi to Nice, finding incredible accommodation won’t be difficult. This is the Riviera, after all. For those who want to stay in the city itself, the Corniche (the seafront promenade) is the place to look. Hotels like Le Negresco or the Hotel Suisse ooze history and luxury and maintain the area’s famous standards of luxury. But there are alternatives for those who want to savour the area’s coastal beauty. Along the coast, the Domaine de Manville mixes up plush rooms with on-site golf, while Cannes plays host to hotels like the Four Seasons, which are designed to make film stars feel at home.

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