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Explore the creative energy of Rotterdam, a city that blends cutting-edge design with a rich nautical past.

Take a private jet charter with GlobeAir to the biggest port city in Europe and discover the spirit of Dutch invention and innovation.

Set off on your Dutch adventure by hiring a private jet with GlobeAir to Rotterdam, a city known for its futuristic architecture and way of life. Rotterdam, sometimes called the "Gateway to Europe," is a thriving city that skillfully combines an ambitious future vision with its nautical past. Its cutting-edge cultural institutions and windmills demonstrate its dedication to sustainability and urban innovation.

Rotterdam, the dynamic heart of the Netherlands, is a showcase of cutting-edge architecture, art, and a bustling cultural scene. Unlike any other Dutch city, Rotterdam's skyline is a canvas of architectural wonders, from the iconic Erasmus Bridge to the innovative Cube Houses.

Fly with GlobeAir to Rotterdam, The Hague Airport (IATA: RTM, ICAO: EHRD), and step into a world where the future is now. The city's resilience and forward-thinking are evident in every corner, from the reconstructed city centre to the innovative initiatives in sustainability and urban living.

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Why Visit Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a testament to Dutch resilience and ingenuity. After being heavily bombed in WWII, the city transformed itself into a hub of modern architecture and design. It's a vibrant, ever-changing metropolis that offers a unique blend of cultural diversity and a strong sense of community.

The city's maritime heritage is palpable at the bustling Port of Rotterdam. At the same time, its commitment to sustainability can be seen in initiatives like the floating farm and the park built atop a water storage facility. Rotterdam is a city that doesn't just adapt; it reinvents.

Art enthusiasts and history buffs will find refuge in Rotterdam's museums, which house everything from old masters to contemporary installations. The city's art scene is as varied as its skyline, with spaces like the Kunsthal and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum.

The Maas River is the city's lifeline, a place for leisure and reflection. Take a harbour tour to see the city from a different perspective, or enjoy the riverside ambience as the sun sets.

Leisure travel

Rotterdam is a destination that offers diverse attractions year-round.

Some highlights include:

  • Visit Kinderdijk's Windmills: Step back in time at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kinderdijk, where a collection of 19 historic windmills presents a glimpse into the Netherlands' age-old battle with the sea.
  • Admire The Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk: Also known as St. Lawrence Chruch, you can marvel at the brilliance of Rotterdam's only remaining medieval building, The Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, with its imposing Gothic architecture and rich history.
  • Cross the Erasmus Bridge: Spanning the Maas River, the Erasmus Bridge is an engineering marvel and an iconic symbol of Rotterdam's skyline, offering spectacular views.
  • Marvel at the Cube Houses: Explore Piet Blom's architectural wonder, a forest of cube-shaped homes tilted on their corners.
  • Discover Delfshaven: Wander through the historic streets of Delfshaven, a charming district that survived the WWII bombings and is now known for its quaint harbour, traditional architecture, and artisanal breweries.
  • Stroll Along the Maas Riverbank: Enjoy the bustling river scene, its mix of modern architecture, terraced cafes, and the scenic backdrop of one of Europe's busiest waterways.
  • Experience the Markthal: This market is an architectural spectacle with its mural-covered arch, offering a variety of gourmet foods and goods.
  • Climb the Euromast: For a panoramic view of the city, climb the Euromast observation tower, which offers a bird's-eye view of Rotterdam's urban landscape.
  • Enjoy the Rotterdam Zoo: One of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands, it offers a diverse range of habitats and species.
  • Cruise the Port of Rotterdam: Gain insight into the workings of one of the world's largest ports with a harbour tour, showcasing the immense scale and importance of Rotterdam's maritime industry.
  • Shop on the Lijnbaan: The first pedestrian shopping street post-WWII, it's now a bustling retail haven.
  • Enjoy the nightlife at Witte de Withstraat: This vibrant street is lined with bars, galleries, and restaurants, pulsating with the city's youthful energy.

The best hotels

Rotterdam offers a range of exquisite accommodations. We recommend:

  • Hotel Mainport: Mainport Hotel combines modern luxury with a waterfront location. Its interiors feature international themes and a spa with panoramic views and private saunas.
  • The Slaak Rotterdam: The Slaak Rotterdam, a stylish hotel situated in a historic press room from the 1950s, captures the essence of the era with its expansive windows and vintage decor.
  • Suite Hotel Pincoffs: Once serving as the city's customs house, Pincoffs has been transformed into a boutique hotel that exudes old-world elegance.
  • Rotterdam Marriott Hotel: In the city's financial district, the hotel's accommodations are a haven of comfort, featuring soundproofing that cocoons guests from the urban buzz.
  • Hotel New York: This hotel occupies the structure that once served as the centre for the Holland-America Cruise Line. Its design features a delightful mix of maritime history, complete with a terrace that offers river views, an elegant Oyster Bar, and the NY Basement restaurant.
  • nhow Rotterdam: Located on the Wilhelmina Pier and designed by Rem Koolhaas, nhow Rotterdam is a testament to modernity, with its sleek, industrial aesthetic and commanding presence in the Kop van Zuid district.
  • The James Rotterdam: A stone's throw from the bustling Centraal Station, The James stands out with its chic decor that marries mid-century elegance with contemporary flair.
  • Savoy Hotel Rotterdam: In the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, the Savoy Hotel shines with its contemporary design infused with a touch of the swinging sixties.
  • CitzenM Rotterdam: Overlooking the historic Oudehaven harbour, CitizenM Rotterdam captures the essence of modern living with its artful design, close to Rotterdam's Markthal and Cube Houses.
  • Room Mate Bruno: Housed in a historic tea warehouse, Room Mate Bruno combines industrial heritage with Mediterranean-inspired rooms for a cosy ambience.

Each hotel offers a unique experience, ensuring your stay in Rotterdam is exceptional. Take advantage of the opportunity to allow the dedicated GlobeAir concierge team to make a reservation before arriving in Rotterdam to ensure you can gain access to these exclusive luxury hotels.

The finest restaurants

Rotterdam is a gastronomic hotspot offering many dining options that cater to every palate.

Here are the top restaurant recommendations to consider during your stay:

  1. FG Restaurant: At FG Restaurant, two Michelin stars signal an extraordinary culinary journey led by Chef François Geurds. The extensive wine and champagne offerings elevate the dining experience, while the inverted garden private room adds a touch of wonder.
  2. Parkheuvel: Parkheuvel, a Michelin-starred destination in Rotterdam, presents a feast for the senses with Chef Erik van Loo at the helm. Seasonal ingredients take centre stage in visually stunning and delectable dishes.
  3. Joelia: In the heart of Rotterdam, Joelia shines with a Michelin star, offering a fusion of modern and classic tastes under Chef Mario Ridder's expert guidance.
  4. Amarone: Michelin-starred Amarone in Rotterdam blends French and Japanese culinary artistry, led by chef Jan van Dobben, in an ambience of comfort and style, complete with an open kitchen and unique design elements.
  5. Fred: With two Michelin stars, Restaurant Fred in Rotterdam is a fortress of French culinary art, where Chef Fred Mustert's seasonal menu and elegant atmosphere provide a memorable dining experience.
  6. The Millèn: A Michelin-starred venue in Rotterdam's Millennium Tower, offers cosmopolitan cuisine in a relaxed setting. Chef Wim Severein emphasises local and seasonal ingredients.
  7. Fitzgerald: Led by Chef Michael Verhagen, Restaurant Fitzgerald, named after the famed author Francis Scott Fitzgerald, is a Michelin-starred destination in Rotterdam's historic Oude Haven.
  8. HMB Restaurant: HMB Restaurant, located in De Rotterdam, Holland's largest building, pairs exquisite dining with breathtaking views of Maas and Erasmus Bridge. HMB Restaurant has also been recognised in the Guide Michelin 2018, ranking among the best 500 restaurants.
  9. In Den Rustwat: Housed in a charming thatched-roof building dating back to the 17th century, the restaurant provides a picturesque setting. The kitchen, led by Chef Marcel van Zomeren, blends tradition with innovation.
  10. Huson: This restaurant, nestled in the bustling Scheepvaartkwartier, offers a creative fusion of European and Asian cuisines crafted by Chef Mark van Wijngen.

We recommend allowing our dedicated concierge team to make a reservation before arriving in Rotterdam to ensure you can gain access to these exclusive venues.


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