About Taittinger & GlobeAir

A partnership founded on common values of elegance and excellence

Creators of excellence, Taittinger is the perfect choice to land on board the GlobeAir private jets. Highly qualitative and French champagne, Taittinger represents a world-recognised brand with a passionate history behind it. The creation of champagnes at Taittinger is always a family affair. It begins with the Taittinger family; the guardians of the house style. This family spirit also permeates the tasting panel team, whose choices will determine how the blends are created. The final decision is always made collectively. It is the result of a shared developed instinct.

TAITTINGER: Pursuit of Excellence

Discover why GlobeAir partners with Taittinger

A champagne house’s style lies at the soul of its wines, taking its energy from its roots, its creativity and a legacy of knowledge. This underpins the strength and special composition of Taittinger champagnes. This composition is the result of a magical, intuitive and complex process, one which Pierre-Emmanuel, Clovis and Vitalie Taittinger know how to create and sustain, supported by a tasting panel formed from a rich pool of complementary talents.

About Taittinger & GlobeAir

Excellent flying experiences need to be coupled with excellent products. That is why GlobeAir has chosen the Taittinger taste to offer sparkling experiences to our discerning customers.

Exigence, quality, and passion are three of the top values shared by GlobeAir and Taittinger: that's the true essence of our partnership. Together, we are sure to give our guests the exclusive chance to live one-of-a-kind tasting experiences combined with a private jet journey to get there. Also, we are talking about an iconic brand, one which is recognised all over the world: that's why we can be more than proud to be working with Taittinger, Jean-Eudes Fauville, GlobeAir's Partnership Manager.

At the same time, the Taittinger company finds value in partnering with GlobeAir as its appreciators are people and travellers who look for the most refined tastes when it comes to choosing their champagne.

"We are extremely proud to serve GlobeAir and all their passengers with our heart and our very elegant wines. Beyond everything, it is an alliance of two companies whose success will always rely on a total absence of compromise when it comes to quality and execution." Taittinger CEO, Vitalie Taittinger

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