#DreamTeam for Climate JetCard

Discover the #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard

The Climate JetCard reflects your commitment to the environment

GlobeAir caters to business people and high-profile individuals from the Sports or Entertainment industries who need Private Aircraft to reach remote locations seamlessly. To answer a growing demand from these climate concerned Community Influencers, GlobeAir is excited to launch the innovative and climate-conscious #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard.

Membership guarantees a fixed number of flying hours on the GlobeAir fleet but allows you to book other types of aircraft anywhere in the world at no extra cost.

The #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard both facilitates and evidences accountability for your climate-conscious aviation choices, which is very important in modern times and will soon become mandatory.

This program is audited, and each flight booked through the Climate JetClub will be documented with an official certificate.

The Climate JetClub Membership is available exclusively at GlobeAir.

How it works:

Fly your way with the #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard

Members commit to a CO2 equivalent (CO2e) allowance based on their flying preferences: we aim to incentive responsible aircraft choices and prioritise capture over compensation as the only way to remove harmful gases from the atmosphere for the least environmental impact.

Step 1: Choose your level of commitment.

Level 1: Compensation

CO2 compensation is done in collaboration with leading project holders in Europe and around the world;

Level 2: CH4 (methane) capture

Level 3: CO2 capture

GlobeAir is the only business aviation operator to offer CH4 and CO2 capture. This is possible thanks to partnerships with well-established technological companies that have developed and patented innovative solutions to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Step 2: Purchase flight credits.

CLASSIC: a minimum of 46 credits giving access to 15 hours*

GOLD: a minimum of 94 credits giving access to 31 hours*

PLATINUM: a minimum of 188 credits giving access to 62 hours*

* Hours are reflective on the GlobeAir Citation Mustang

Step 3: Book your flight seamlessly via your dedicated Club Assistant (available 24/7).

Our Climate Cards further allow for the following perks:

  • Only one payment needed
  • 24/7 Club Assistant for GlobeAir fleet bookings
  • 24/7 Club Assistant for aircraft brokerage around the world (available in English and French)
  • Guaranteed number of hours on GlobeAir fleet
  • Empty leg guaranteed pricing on GlobeAir fleet
  • Proactive Climate Action
  • Use of Club logo on corporate marketing material and social media
  • And more…

Frequently Asked Questions:

→ What is the difference between a GlobeAir traditional Jet Card and the #Dreamteam for Climate JetCard?

→ So if I need another aircraft type, you would broker it for me?

→ What happens if I don’t have enough CO2e credits on my balance?

→ Is it possible to leave the Club if I find it doesn’t meet my expectations?


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