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Discover the royal charm of Brussels, a city where grandness and finesse are carved into every street and skyline.

Experience a journey to the heart of Europe as you charter a private jet with GlobeAir to Brussels. In this city, the grand story of European history is woven with the threads of luxury and modernity.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the administrative epicentre of the European Union is a city that exudes elegance and sophistication. With its majestic Grand Place, regal palaces, and Art Nouveau facades, the city is a living museum of architectural wonders. Visitors are captivated by its opulent squares, verdant parks, and the illustrious Manneken Pis statue.

Known as the "Capital of Europe," Brussels is a cultural crossroads renowned for its culinary delights, including world-famous chocolates and beers. The city's heart beats in the Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the splendour of the past meets the vibrancy of the present.

Charter a private jet with GlobeAir to Brussels and touch down at the exclusive private jet terminal of Brussels Airport (IATA: BRU, ICAO: EBBR). As you disembark, the panoramic views of Brussels' skyline, a tapestry of historic magnificence and contemporary elegance, welcome you to a metropolis where tradition and innovation are in perfect harmony.

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Why visit Brussels?

Wrapped in the legacy of the Renaissance and the innovation of modern Europe, Brussels offers a unique blend of historical grandeur and cosmopolitan dynamism, making it a captivating destination for discerning travellers.

Brussels' reputation as a hub of international diplomacy is mirrored in its sophisticated streets and cosmopolitan ambience. The city's charm unfolds in its bustling cafes, gourmet restaurants and the grandeur of its iconic landmarks.

At the core of Brussels lies the Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a testament to the city's golden age. Stroll around the square, admire the ornate guild halls, and visit the Royal Palace, all symbols of the city's illustrious heritage.

Connoisseurs of art and culture will be lured by Brussels' array of museums and galleries, from the ancient artefacts at the Royal Museums of Art and History to the contemporary masterpieces at the Magritte Museum, reflecting the city's rich artistic narrative.

Delight in the luxury of Brussels' boutique shops, where exclusivity is not just a service but a standard. From the Avenue Louise to the Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert, each destination offers a curated selection of haute couture, artisan chocolates, and Belgian lace.

The tranquil parks and gardens of Brussels offer a peaceful respite from the urban excitement. Take a leisurely stroll through the Parc de Bruxelles, or enjoy a moment of reflection by the tranquil ponds as the city's elegant silhouette is softly illuminated by the evening light.

Leisure travel

Brussels is a destination that offers diverse attractions year-round.

Some highlights include:

  • Visit the Atomium: The Atomium is a testament to the atomic age and the Expo of 1958. This remarkable structure, shaped like a crystalline molecule magnified 165 billion times, offers panoramic views from its highest sphere.
  • Marvel at the Grand Place: The Grand Place, or Grote Markt, is not merely a square but a symphony of architectural marvels played out over centuries. Encircled by the gilded splendour of the guildhalls, the gothic magnificence of the Town Hall, and the King's House, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the jewel in Brussels' crown.
  • Relish Belgian Chocolates: Belgium's reputation for exquisite chocolates is unrivalled. From pralines to truffles, each bite is a testament to the mastery of Belgian chocolate artisans.
  • Admire Art Nouveau: Brussels is a treasure trove of Art Nouveau, with the works of Victor Horta and Paul Hankar adorning the cityscape. Guided tours unveil the fluid lines, organic forms, and intricate ironwork that define this revolutionary style.
  • Explore the Royal Palace and Greenhouses: The Royal Palace of Brussels, with its neoclassical facade, stands as a symbol of the Belgian monarchy. Beyond its stately rooms lies the Royal Greenhouse complex in Laeken, a glass and steel wonderland housing a cornucopia of rare plants and flowers, a living exhibit of botanical splendour.
  • Enjoy the Magritte Museum: The Magritte Museum is a surreal escape into the mind of René Magritte, Belgium's most renowned surrealist. His works, which play with reality and illusion, are displayed in a museum as much a piece of art as the masterpieces it contains.
  • Stroll through the Sablon: The Sablon area represents Brussels' charm, with its cobbled streets, elegant boutiques, and a weekend market paradise for antique and chocolate lovers. It's a place where the past and present of Brussels' vibrant culture converge.
  • Sample Belgian Brews: Belgium's beer culture is a deep well of tradition and taste. From Trappist monasteries to urban craft breweries, the variety of Belgian brews is staggering.
  • Discover the Comic Strip Route: Brussels pays homage to its rich comic book heritage with the Comic Strip Route. Murals scattered throughout the city bring to life characters like Tintin and the Smurfs, turning ordinary walls into a storyboard of Belgian comic art.
  • Relax in the Bois de la Cambre: On the edge of the Sonian Forest, the Bois de la Cambre is an expanse of green that offers a tranquil retreat from city life. With its serene lake and shaded paths, it's a place for leisurely strolls, picnics, and moments of quiet contemplation amidst the beauty of nature.

The best hotels

Brussels offers a range of exquisite accommodations. We recommend:

  • Juliana Hotel Brussels: Tucked away in the vibrant core of Brussels, the Juliana Hotel is an emblem of exclusive boutique opulence, with a limited collection of 43 rooms and suites that promise a five-star experience. This haven of sophistication has a refined spa, cutting-edge fitness centre, and a welcoming indoor pool. Positioned near the stately Place des Martyrs, it stands as a distinguished retreat in the city.
  • Le Louise Hotel Brussels - MGallery: Moments from the chic Avenue Louise, Le Louise Hotel Brussels - MGallery shines as a paragon of modern refinement and Parisian grace. This freshly renovated five-star haven offers guests a tranquil garden oasis, a contemporary international dining venue, and an intimate bar setting. A fully equipped fitness area is the cherry on top, all set against a backdrop of stylish French decor.
  • Hilton Brussels Grand Place: Majestic chandeliers, polished marble, and grand staircases set the stage at Hilton Brussels Grand Place. This luxury abode showcases panoramic city views from its rooms and suites, with the King suite offering the pinnacle of opulence with its sumptuous bedding and elegant marble bathroom.
  • Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo: Anchored in the bustling historic heart of Brussels, the Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo marries the allure of age-old charm with the flair of contemporary chic. This hotel boasts an impressive array of over 150 rooms, where stunning urban panoramas unfold. The on-site Italian restaurant serves gastronomic wonders, while the trendy bar is perfect for an evening unwind, all just a promenade away from the iconic Grand Place.
  • NH Collection Brussels Grand Sablon: Encircled by the grandeur of Brussels' medieval squares, the NH Collection Brussels Grand Sablon is a sanctuary of elegance. Guests can choose from various rooms and suites, including those with indulgent whirlpool baths. Just steps from the renowned Grand Sablon Square, the hotel also features a traditional brasserie and a contemporary fitness centre.
  • Steigenberger Wiltcher's: Residing on the illustrious Avenue Louise, Steigenberger Wiltcher's stands as a monument to enduring grace. With a legacy dating back to 1913, this hotel combines its historical grandiosity with modern comforts. The decor, reminiscent of its regal beginnings, complements the contemporary amenities, ensuring a stay that is both grand and comfortable.

Each hotel offers a unique experience, ensuring your stay in Brussels is exceptional. Take advantage of the opportunity to allow the dedicated GlobeAir concierge team to make a reservation before arriving in Brussels to ensure you can gain access to these exclusive luxury hotels.

The finest restaurants

Brussels is a gastronomic hotspot offering many dining options that cater to every palate.

Here are the top restaurant recommendations to consider during your stay:

  • Menssa: At Menssa, you can watch Chef Christophe Hardiquest at work, preparing dishes that combine local produce with foreign influences, showcasing his technical mastery and innovative flavours.
  • Chalet de la Forêt: Tucked away in a green setting, this two-Michelin-starred restaurant is led by Chef Pascal Devalkeneer. It offers a view of the vegetable garden and a menu that reflects the chef's passion for the best of nature.
  • La Paix: Located opposite the former slaughterhouses of Cureghem, La Paix is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant that has transformed from a meat brasserie to a fine dining establishment under Chef David Martin, who blends Belgian culinary history with French and Japanese techniques.
  • La Villa Lorraine: This restaurant features the culinary expertise of two Michelin-starred chef, Yves Mattagne, offering dishes with subtle Asian influences in a beautiful setting.
  • Barge: A restaurant started by Barbara and Grégoire, Barge is known for its original, natural creations served from a set menu, reflecting the maritime past of its district.
  • Comme chez Soi: A legendary Michelin-starred restaurant since 1953, Comme Chez Soi is known for the talent of Chef Lionel Rigolet, who adds a contemporary touch to the restaurant's mythical dishes.
  • Bozar Restaurant: Chef Karen Torosyan, a pâté en croute world champion, runs this two-Michelin-starred restaurant. Known for its neoclassical cuisine, the restaurant is a must-visit for dishes like Lièvre à la Royale and an exceptional millefeuille.
  • Humus x Hortense: Currently ranked as number 9 in the top 100 Best vegan Restaurants in the world, this restaurant is celebrated for its plant-based, zero-waste 'botanical' cuisine and is the country's first vegan Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • La Villa in the Sky: Offering a dining experience 120m above ground on the roof of a tower on Avenue Louise, La Villa in the Sky pairs breathtaking views with the refined cuisine of Chef Alexandre Dionisio.
  • La bonne chère: For a gourmet experience in a cosy setting, La Bonne Chère in the Marolles neighbourhood offers a menu full of enthusiasm, creativity, and precision by Chef Alexandru Sapco.

We recommend allowing our dedicated concierge team to make a reservation before arriving in Brussels to ensure you can gain access to these exclusive venues.


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