Your Luxury World

Your Luxury World

Luxury Inspired by Humans

We partner with Your Luxury World to enhance your travelling experiences whenever you fly privately to Sardinia, Ibiza, Saint Moritz and Dubai. Your Luxury World's exclusive services are driven by a rooted passion for refined journeys – and that's what makes it a perfect fit with the GlobeAir spirit.

About Your Luxury World

Unique Experiences in top locations

Your Luxury World provides unique experiences and high-quality services, focusing on exclusivity and tailor made services in the name of luxury, comfort and elegance.

When it comes to offering exclusive experiences in Sardinia, we take advantage of the experience of local companies like Your Luxury World. With an incredible team full of knowledge and passion about Sardinia's best-kept secrets, you are sure to land your exclusive travel experience and get the best out of your journey, Jonathan Berdoz, VP Sales & Marketing at GlobeAir.

Your Luxury World X GlobeAir: All your premium services at a glance

  • Private Maxi Yacht Charter & Sale
  • Transfer Services
  • Supercars & Hypercars sales
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Luxury Personal Assistant
  • Watches and Jewellery finder
  • Personal Boutique Shopper
  • Motor Bike Rental
  • Personal Chef
  • Luxury Experiences

Your Luxury World operates to serve all kinds of upscale requirements and benefit helping you identify your rare passions and the team is available 24/7 to fulfil your demand. Our goal is to make each moment feel like a luxury one, from your biggest wish to the smallest detail because luxury has no standard definition but is defined by those who identify with it and seek the finest in the world of possibilities.

A luxury experience for us starts with a dedicated team that tailors your journeys to your specific needs. The perfect recipe for that is the joint work of two teams who both excel at their job: on the one side, a private jet travel company with more than 10 years of experience, on the other side, a bespoke holistic travel experience delivered to you as soon as you land – all for a memorable stay, Your Luxury World Team.

Everyday the team works in offering a dedicated approach for identifying our clients next request, in the form of personal assistant, accommodation management, private jet and yacht charter, luxury cars provider, fine dining experiences and personal shopper provider.

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