Jacob & Co UK

Jacob & Co UK and GlobeAir enter into a luxury lifestyle partnership

Creating a luxury ecosystem aimed at the affluent traveller

GlobeAir and Jacob & Co UK are delighted to announce their partnership to provide exclusive world-class mutual travel lifestyle benefits for both corporations.

This partnership brings together two companies that share a passion for performance, efficiency and quality timekeeping. The new GlobeAir alliance will be aided by its commitment to maximising experiences with the luxury watch brand Jacob & Co, which always puts high quality first in its design philosophy, maintaining its reputation and legacy.

Jacob & Co UK will utilise GlobeAir's ecosystem platform to initially focus on:

  • Unparalleled private jet charters. With access to a range of luxury private jets, Jacob & Co UK clients will have access to their personal travel concierge and will be able to fly on their terms. GlobeAir refines every step of the travel experience.
  • Exclusive Travel Experiences. GlobeAir will provide all Jacob & Co UK clients with unprecedented access to its global alliances, allowing travellers to see things from an entirely different perspective while experiencing ultimate comfort. Clients will have access to GlobeAir's curated selection of bespoke luxury travel experiences selections to create quality time and cherished memories.
‘The partnership with GlobeAir is all about time. By facilitating a framework where clients can leverage off of a collective experience that fosters a driving force of creativity and uniqueness. We both share in uncompromised quality, performance and punctuality. The team has plenty of knowledge, passion, and alluring qualities to captivate our clients while enjoying high-quality time together.’ Laurence Brannigan of Jacob & Co UK.
  • Invitation-Only Events. With exclusive access to high-end industry events, Jacob & Co clients will receive the chance to distinguish themselves at the forefront of the latest exclusive events. As an added advantage, GlobeAir clients will be able to access a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a private tour of Jacob & Co’s production maison in Switzerland.
  • Direct privileged contact. As the network has developed, GlobeAir clients will be able to have direct contact with Jacob & Co and have the privilege to create a unique and bespoke timepiece. This will be an exceptional benefit for GlobeAir clients as this is normally subjective to application and approval.

With an innate sense of innovation, creativity, performance and style in common. GlobeAir is excited to establish a partnership with Jacob & Co. Through extraordinary feats of technique and efficiency that reflect the same passion as GlobeAir.

Today's announcement builds on Jacob & Co’s insatiable need to create disruptive innovation and is about making the impossible a reality. By partnering with GlobeAir, the luxury jewellery and watches company becomes a merchant of dreams and memories.

‘We are delighted to launch our new partnership with Jacob & Co UK as they believe in the concept of time shared value, which is the idea that time is more valuable when shared with others. This philosophy resonates well with GlobeAir. We have a mission to provide reliable and quality solutions to share precious time in luxurious surroundings at every stage of your journey, creating exquisite experiences.’ Bernhard Fragner, CEO GlobeAir

About Jacob & Co

For over a quarter of a century, Jacob & Co. has created revolutionary timepieces and jewellery for women and men. As the world’s premier house for the fusion of impeccable quality, classic technique, and unmatched creativity, Jacob & Co. is the first choice for discerning individuals whose demand for superb craftsmanship is matched with a taste for visionary artistry in both jewellery and fine watchmaking. Whether fashion, film, or music stars in the entertainment world, or simply lovers of flawless attention to detail, every Jacob and Co client experiences the finest in personal service and workmanship. Admirers of prevailing beauty will find no rival to the alchemy of edge and elegance that is Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co are responsible for some of the finest pieces of modern wrist art and Haute Horlogerie (high watchmaking) along with exquisite fine jewellery and high jewellery collections.

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