Cessna Citation Mustang C510 Base Training

GlobeAir Flight Training AT.ATO.162

In 2016 GlobeAir, fulfilling very strict EASA requirements, obtained the certification for Approved Training Organisation (ATO) by the Civil Aviation Authority, which allows us to provide base training* for pilots on the Citation Mustang C510 and all the theoretical courses required by the aviation industry.

This significant achievement allows GlobeAir to guarantee that all its pilots are properly trained, exceeding industry standards, by qualified personnel for the theoretical classes and experienced instructors end examiners for the flight preparation.

GlobeAir takes pride in providing exceptional flight training services, catering to our esteemed pilots and those seeking unparalleled Cessna Citation Mustang C510 Base Training. Our dedication to excellence ensures the highest standards of safety and proficiency for all trainees. As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) certified by the Civil Aviation Authority, we meet and exceed the stringent EASA requirements, ensuring that all pilots receive the highest level of training available in the industry.

*base training: According to EASA standards, the Base Training should follow each pilot’s Type Rating training. Base Training consists of 6 take-offs and landings under the supervision of the Type Rating Instructor. The overall purpose of Base Training is the acquisition and honing of basic Type Rating skills.

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Expanding our expertise for your benefit

By extending our services to aspiring and professional pilots outside our organisation, we aim to contribute to the aviation community by sharing our expertise, resources, and dedication to safety and excellence. Whether you're an individual pilot or part of an airline or flight school, our Cessna Citation Mustang C510 Base Training is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your aviation career.

Why choose GlobeAir for your Cessna Citation Mustang C510 Base Training?

Comprehensive Training Program: Our Base Training program includes 6 take-offs and landings as part of multi-pilot operations (MPO), focusing on acquiring and honing essential Type Rating skills.

Strategic Location: Conduct your training at LOWL - Linz Airport, Austria, an ideal location for pilots from all EASA member state licenses.

Competitive Rates: Benefit from our competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of your training experience.

Short Notice Availability: We understand the importance of flexibility, so we offer aircraft availability at short notice to accommodate your schedule.

All-Inclusive Package: Our Base Training package includes TRI, paperwork, and administration fees, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Fully Insured: Fly confidently, knowing your flight is fully insured for liability and hull risk.

Take advantage of the opportunity to train with our highly qualified personnel and experienced instructors, ensuring you receive the best possible preparation for your aviation career. Contact us now to secure your spot in our Cessna Citation Mustang C510 Base Training program and become part of our growing community.

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Bernhard Fragner

Bernhard Fragner

Chief Executive Officer • Founder • Shareholder

Federico Bevilacqua

Federico Bevilacqua

VP Flight Operations

Sivaram Chandrakumaran

Sivaram Chandrakumaran

DNPCT • FOMOD • LTC • SOP Specialist

FAQ's about Flight Training AT.ATO.162

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