GlobeAir 2022 Wrapped

What were the GlobeAir highlights in 2022?

The Year in Review: A Look Back at 2022

As we enter 2023, let's reflect on what we achieved in 2022.

Last year we experienced what has been described as the tumultuous "Summer of Revenge Travel". The Private Aviation sector industry worked hard to address the challenges of staff shortages, skyrocketing fuel prices, economic inflation and an aggressive approach to sustainability discussions. 2022 was a year which proved to be a difficult time for the entire aviation industry, with no one able to escape the harsh realities of the business.

However, despite these challenges, GlobeAir persevered and found innovative solutions to navigate these trying times.

As per the Eurocontrol 2022 performance report, from March 2022 onwards, European air traffic steadily climbed back to the high of 80%. In total, 2022 saw 9.3 million flights, 83% of 2019 traffic. That was 1.8 million fewer than in 2019, but 3.1 million more than last year.

Watch the video from GlobeAir CEO Bernhard Fragner, where he talks about the obstacles and learnings from 2022 and the opportunities ahead for 2023.

Over the past year, GlobeAir has experienced continued growth and success. We have selected ten essential facts that best represent our company's journey over the last twelve months.

1. Flight hours

Around the world in how many days?

With a total number of 12,458 flight hours, our GlobeAir #DreamTeam has flown around the world 233 times.

If the Citation Mustang C510 can hold enough fuel to travel around the world non-stop, it would make the trip in 51 hours and 55 minutes. (24,901 miles divided by 483 miles per hour).

By focusing on providing excellent customer service, GlobeAir has made it possible for its customers to welcome the world by connecting them with special experiences created through our global network of specially selected partners and #DreamTeam advisors.

2. Passengers

The ultimate in comfort offering a VIP experience

In 2022, GlobeAir welcomed over 13,500 passengers on board. As the number of people flying private jets continues to rise, travellers are increasingly making that choice instead of taking commercial flights.

Not only does GlobeAir's 15-minute boarding time and reduced number of checkpoints lead to a smoother travel experience, but travellers can also expect to reach their destination faster and with fewer delays. In addition, GlobeAir maintains high safety standards to protect passengers and crew on its flights.

3. Pets on Board

Smooth boarding for both passengers and pets

We are proud to say that we have been able to host over 1,300 pets on board our private jets in 2022.

Flying in style is the way for a luxurious, pampered trip with your pet. A private jet is a luxury flight experience where you can travel directly from one place to another without restrictions or delays. Enjoy the comfort and personalised service with your beloved pet by your side!

With GlobeAir's pet policies in place, you can feel confident that your best friend will have a stress-free experience travelling with us!

4. Top three destinations

Your favourite destinations were...

In 2022, Paris, Nice and Geneva remained among the top destinations for travellers. These cities have been particularly popular with people travelling for business or leisure. Passenger traffic has increased steadily over recent years, and the GlobeAir #DreamTeam expects this trend to continue through 2023.

5. Top city pairings

The most flown city pairs in 2022

Consequently, our top city pairs in 2022 have been:

  • Paris-Geneva
  • Geneva-Paris
  • Paris-Nice

GlobeAir operated in over 340 airports and 13h00 remained the most popular departure time.

6. Champagne

The perfect compliment to your journey

Our passengers indulged in the finest of luxuries, with over 4,306 bottles of champagne opened for them on board our #MyPrivateJet. The luxurious and indulgent experience combines the opulence of fine champagne with the exclusivity of private aviation.

Taittinger champagne is served to all guests who travel with GlobeAir. Taittinger's reputation as the world leader in luxury champagnes makes it an excellent addition to a private jet service like GlobeAir, where every detail of your flight experience matters

The greatest benefit of drinking champagne on a private jet is the sense of exclusivity and luxury it provides. Imagine sipping a glass of bubbly while gazing at the breathtaking views below or toasting to a special occasion with friends or loved ones. It is a truly unforgettable experience that will make any trip special.

7. Passenger Transfers

Enjoy the freedom of reaching your destination with tailored travel solutions

GlobeAir passengers experienced luxury travel like never before with our tailored, one-of-a-kind travel services.

Our dedicated in-house concierge teams have arranged over 2,462 passenger transfers, including luxury ground transportation, prompt taxi service through our trusted FBOs, and reliable helicopter transfers to your desired destination.

Let us elevate your journey with our bespoke travel offerings, not just limited to private jet charters.

8. Website quotes and WhatsApp Conversations

Leading digital transformation and innovation in the Aviation sector

At GlobeAir, we received over 112,067 requests and quotes from travellers through our different booking systems and applications! Our online booking portal and our dedicated WhatsApp line enable travellers to get a quote quickly for their desired route.

In 2022, our 24/7 customer care team received almost 32,100 messages through WhatsApp. Travellers can get a quote or assistance with booking flights while on the go, thanks to this excellent service that allows them to contact us anytime, day or night.

One of the most impressive features is booking a charter or empty-leg flight and paying with a credit card or cryptocurrency in just a few minutes. We offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for anyone booking a private jet.

In 2022, there were 17.2 million search queries on Google that included "GlobeAir." The high volume of searches suggested a strong level of interest in GlobeAir.

9. Jet Card hours

The first choice for my premium experience

In 2022, our Jet Card program saw 2,588 hours of flight time. In addition to providing private jet charters on demand, we also offer a Jet Card option for frequent flyers. The DreamTeam JetCard by GlobeAir allows for the convenience of on-demand chartering and various benefits to create a bespoke travel experience.

We also introduced a first-of-its-kind innovative and climate-conscious #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard.

10. Simulator Hours

Putting safety at the forefront

At GlobeAir, our most important focus is the safety of our passengers and crew. To ensure the readiness of our highly trained pilots to handle any challenge, the crew completed over 1,940 hours of Simulator training. This simulation helps to improve pilot awareness, skill, and confidence in handling a range of challenging scenarios.


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