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Stuggart is a city where innovation meets tradition and nature blends with urban sophistication.

Begin your journey to the heart of Baden-Württemberg as you charter a private jet to Stuttgart with GlobeAir. Stuttgart, the capital of Germany's southwest, is rich in contrasts and cultural treasures. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and technological landmarks, it presents an urban story that is uniquely Swabian.

Visitors are captivated by its harmonious blend of historical castles, world-class museums, and the headquarters of automotive legends.

Known as the "Cradle of the Automobile," Stuttgart is an engineering powerhouse celebrated for its contributions to the automotive world. But Stuttgart is more than cars.; it's a city where the Renaissance spirit lives on in the grand architecture and the lush green spaces that dot the urban landscape.

Fly with GlobeAir to Stuttgart and touch down at the Stuttgart Airport (IATA: STR, ICAO: EDDS). As you disembark, the city's innovative spirit and Swabian charm welcome you to a land where history and modern luxury are seamlessly combined.

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Why Visit Stuttgart?

Encased by historical invention and the lush hills of the region, Stuttgart offers a captivating mix of inventive spirit and natural beauty, making it a compelling destination for discerning travellers.

Stuttgart's nickname as the birthplace of the automobile is just the start.

The city's skyline, a blend of medieval towers and sleek modernity, tells the story of a city that values its past while driving towards the future. Its charm unfolds in the bustling market squares, the grandness of its palaces, and the innovation of its world-famous car museums.

Stroll through the Schlossplatz, marvel at the Old Castle, and explore the New Palace, each site reflecting the city's royal heritage.

Culture enthusiasts will revel in Stuttgart's vibrant arts scene, from the masterpieces housed in the Staatsgalerie to the cutting-edge performances at the Stuttgart State Opera, all celebrating the city's ongoing cultural legacy.

Immerse yourself in the sophistication of Stuttgart's Marktstraße and Königstraße, where luxury shopping and fine dining are not just activities but celebrations of excellence. Each boutique and restaurant along this iconic street showcases the best of Swabian hospitality and German precision.

The Neckar River provides a scenic backdrop to the city's bustling life. Enjoy a leisurely boat tour or a reflective pause by the riverside as the water reflects the city's dynamic fusion of history and modernity.

Leisure travel

Stuttgart is a destination that offers diverse attractions year-round.

Some highlights include:

  • Mercedes Benz Museum: As a city known for its automotive industry, it is a top attraction for its extensive collection and innovative design.
  • Porsche Museum: Another must-visit for car enthusiasts, showcasing Stuttgart's rich automotive heritage.
  • Schlossplatz: The central square of Stuttgart, surrounded by historic buildings and a hub of activity, is a perfect starting point for any visitor.
  • Staatsgalerie: An art lover's paradise featuring works from renowned artists and a striking architectural design.
  • Wilhelma Zoological-Botanical Garden: One of the largest, combining a zoo and botanical gardens, offering a diverse range of flora and fauna.
  • Königstraße: The longest pedestrian shopping street in Germany, ideal for shopping, dining, and experiencing the local vibe.
  • Killesbergturm: For panoramic views of the city, this tower provides a unique perspective of Stuttgart's landscape.
  • Weissenhof Estate: An architectural landmark showcasing the work of pioneering modern architects like Le Corbusier.
  • Cannstatter Volksfest: If visiting during the festival period, it's a cultural experience akin to Oktoberfest, with beer, food, and festivities.
  • Vineyard Tour: Given the region's wine reputation, a tour of the local vineyards is both scenic and educational, offering a taste of local wine culture.

The best hotels

Stuttgart offers a range of exquisite accommodations. We recommend:

  • Der Zauberlehrling: Der Zauberlehrling is an enchanting boutique hotel that offers a unique fusion of eclectic design and personalised comfort. Nestled in the heart of Stuttgart, this intimate retreat presents a collection of individually themed rooms and suites, each meticulously crafted to provide an immersive experience in various cultures and styles.
  • Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten: Overlooking the lush Schlossgarten Park, Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten exudes elegance with its fine dining, exquisite rooms, and direct access to Stuttgart's cultural landmarks. Closed until the summer of 2025 for renovation, this iconic hotel should be remembered.
  • Le Méridien Stuttgart: Le Méridien Stuttgart is a fusion of modern luxury and comfort, featuring a world-class spa, stylish accommodations, and proximity to the city's vibrant arts scene.
  • Waldhotel Stuttgart: Nestled amidst tranquil forests, Waldhotel Stuttgart offers a peaceful retreat with nature-inspired rooms, wellness facilities, and a gourmet restaurant that celebrates local flavours.
  • Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin: This iconic hotel, Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin, is known for its grandeur, featuring sumptuous rooms, a rooftop spa, and dining experiences that cater to the most discerning palates.
  • Jaz in the City Stuttgart: Jaz in the City Stuttgart boasts a contemporary vibe with its musically themed rooms, live entertainment, and a rooftop bar that offers panoramic city views.
  • SI-SUITES: SI-SUITES provides a home away from home with spacious, modern suites, personalised services, and an ideal location near Stuttgart's top entertainment venues.
  • Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport: Offering sophisticated elegance, Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport is perfect for the savvy traveller, with soundproof rooms, fine dining, and seamless access to the airport.
  • Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart: Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart delivers comfort and convenience, featuring bright, modern rooms, on-site dining options, and easy access to Stuttgart's business and leisure districts.
  • Hotel Unger: Hotel Unger is a blend of tradition and modernity, offering cosy accommodations and a hearty breakfast buffet, all just steps from Stuttgart's central train station.
  • DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart: DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart is a vibrant and bold choice, with its uniquely designed rooms, multiple dining venues, and entertainment options ensuring a stay that's anything but ordinary.

Each hotel offers a unique experience, ensuring your stay in Stuttgart is exceptional. Take advantage of the opportunity to allow the dedicated GlobeAir concierge team to make a reservation before arriving in Stuttgart to ensure you can gain access to these exclusive luxury hotels.

The finest restaurants

Stuttgart is a gastronomic hotspot offering many dining options that cater to every palate. Here are the top restaurant recommendations to consider during your stay:

  • Ritzi: Ritzi offers a brasserie menu inspired by seasonal and regional products, prepared with French finesse. Guests can enjoy the culinary creativity of Ben Benasr, complemented by an impressive wine selection.
  • Der Zauberlehrling: Nestled in Stuttgart's Bohnenviertel, Der Zauberlehrling is a unique hotel and restaurant offering a magical culinary experience. Chef Axel Heldmann enchants with his cooking, and guests can even learn the art themselves in cooking workshops.
  • Bachofer: At Bachofer, international cuisine meets oriental touches. Chef Bernd Bachofer's menu includes delights like hot tuna sashimi and vegetarian options. Enjoy a smoke in the cellar with a humidor post-meal, or partake in cooking classes and tasting events.
  • Gasthof Krone: Gasthof Krone serves aesthetically pleasing and delectable dishes. With a view of Waldenbuch and a selection of 250 wines, enjoy exotic à la carte dining and creations like tuna tartare with wasabi curry mousse.
  • Speisemeisterei: Located in Hohenheim Castle, Speisemeisterei blends baroque and modern design, where Chef Stefan Gschwendtner offers light, delicate cuisine made from the finest ingredients.
  • Maerz-Das Restaurant: Rose provides a chic dining atmosphere with global cuisine inspirations. Guests can enjoy a customisable dining experience from 3- to 6-course meals, with a wine selection and a vegetarian menu, on a cosy sun terrace.
  • Cube: Cube offers modern cuisine with a panoramic view of Stuttgart from the Kunstmuseum's glass cube. "Inspired Cooking" means international dishes in an urban, glass-surrounded atmosphere.
  • 5: The vintage-look Gourmet restaurant 5 Stuttgart mixes sophisticated brasserie with top-notch cuisine. Chef Alexander Dinter's international dishes are original and expressive, served in a vintage-look setting with multiple bars and lounge spaces.

We recommend allowing our dedicated concierge team to make a reservation before arriving in Stuttgart to ensure you can gain access to these exclusive venues.

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