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It’s no wonder legendary artists like Shakespeare and Mann, have set their masterpieces in Venice; a glorious mixture of tradition and avant-garde brings tourists to Venice any time of the year.

A selection of excellent classical music, opera and ballet performances are always available at La Fenice, Venice's main theatre. The theatre, situated at the city's heart, allows you or your company to organise private events. Choose among the Foyer, the auditorium, the Sale Apollinee and the Teatro Malibran as your favourite venue to host your event.

Venice is located near the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Known as La Serenissima, meaning the most serene, it’s a place that evokes tranquillity and peace above all else. The labyrinthine canals are home to enigmatic gothic churches, Byzantine palaces, atmospheric cafes and romantic bridges. It’s no wonder why hundreds of thousands make the trip here to soak up the atmosphere every year. But what makes it such a fascinating city is its fascinating history and intriguing modern-day existence.

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Palazzo Ducale: The Palazzo Ducale, also known as The Ducal Palace, is the main attraction in Venice and dates back to the 13th century. It was the seat of government in Venice and the home of the Doge, the city's chief magistrate. It was built in a Gothic style and featured Renaissance architecture as well. The palace floor is covered with black and white mosaics, which are incredibly intricate in their design. Walking through the palace is like walking through medieval artwork that you can touch and walk around.

St Mark's Basilica - The Basilica di San Marco is an ornate gothic church built between 1094 and 1295. It is the most famous and recognisable building in Venice and one of Italy's most iconic landmarks. The church is home to many important relics, including reputed fragments of the True Cross and a piece of the fabric that once covered the tomb of Jesus. The church is also home to St Mark's corpse and his legendary casket, which contains the universe's secrets.

Grand Canal - The Grand Canal is the main waterway in Venice and is home to the city's most famous landmarks, including the Rialto Bridge, St Mark's Square, and the Piazza San Marco. It is also the best place to view Venice's architectural marvel. You can take a boat ride along the canal to admire the architectural styles of the buildings that line the waterway. There are many different boats in various price ranges, but none will be as convenient as the Vaporetto water bus.

Piazza San Marco - The Piazza San Marco is Venice’s most important square and is home to the Basilica di San Marco. This golden square is one of the most beautiful places in the world and features the Lion of St Mark's, a large and iconic fountain. The square is also home to many other architectural works, including the Palazzo Ducale, which is now a museum and the Torre Bell Towers. Piazza San Marco is open daily and free to visit. However, the inside of the basilica is not available to the public.

Galerie dell'Accademia - The Galerie dell'Accademia is one of the best art galleries in the world and houses an extensive collection of Renaissance art. Among the works on display at the gallery is the famous portrait of "The Young Venetian", better known as "The Sinking Gentleman". Many other notable works in the gallery, including "The Battle of the Sea" by Antonio Vavolo and "The Worship of Isis" by Francesco Hayez. The gallery is open daily, and tickets cost €15 for adults.

Santa Croce - Santa Croce is a famous church known for its architectural style and historical significance. The church was built in the 13th century and houses the tombs of many famous Venetians, including the poet and novelist Gabriele D'Annunzio and the writer Carlo Goldoni. Santa Croce is open daily and free to visit. Ca' d'oro - Ca' d'Oro is one of Venice's most ornate and beautiful buildings. It was once a gothic palazzo but later transformed into a beautiful Renaissance-style building. The building is now a museum and a gallery that hosts many different exhibitions. Ca' d'Oro is open daily and is free to visit.

Museo Correr - Museo Correr is a museum home to many different historical artefacts from the history of Venice. The museum is open daily and free to visit.

Ponte di Rialto Bridge - The Rialto Bridge is one of Venice's most famous landmarks and one of the places where you can experience the magical city to its fullest. It is a bridge that spans the Grand Canal and is home to many shops, cafes, and restaurants. Although many tourists flock to the bridge to experience Venice at its most stunning, it is also a great place to admire the city's architectural style.

Ca' Rossa - Ca' Rossa is one of the most famous buildings in Venice and is located in the city's heart. It was once the home of the Venetian poet and novelist Gabriele D'Annunzio. Now, it is an art installation that is open to the public. The building is coloured a vibrant red and is a great place to admire Venice's architectural style.

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If you are looking for a completely high-end and exclusive hotel, look no further than Aman Venice. As sumptuous and romantic as the city itself, Aman Venice, the city's most (ultra)luxurious hotel, is home to museum-quality art pieces, including Tiepolo frescoes, gilded ceilings, and centuries-old leather wall coverings. Located on the Grand Canal in a 16th-century Palazzo Papadopolion, Aman Venice provides a rare opportunity to experience the city's Floating City.

Experience a traditional Venetian sojourn at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani where you can enjoy vistas spanning the Doge’s Palace to the church of St Giorgio and the islands beyond. This luxury hotel is the perfect choice if you want high-end accommodation in Venice. Do not hesitate to contact GlobeAir to manage your booking requests.

Other recommendations include The Gritti Palace | Hotel Moresco | Hotel Antiche Figure | Corte Di Gabriela | Hotel Bucintoro | Hotel Canal Grande


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