Private Jet for Athletes

How professional athletes optimize their travel schedule

How soccer players and F1 drivers benefit from more rest times between the races

Being a professional athlete is demanding. You have to be in mental and physical shape at every second of the day and while you are competing with the best in the world, the next race or tournament is already ahead.

The leading sports people in Europe – soccer players, tennis player, F1 pilots and more – are trying to get a leverage towards others by charting a private jet in order to reduce their travel times between the competitions. Travelling from race to race can be an exhausting journey, so GlobeAir created a bespoke solution for professional athletes: Let us take care of your travel plans – starting from leaving the house and ending at the entrance of the venue.

Private jet disinfection

We deep-clean your private jet before and after every flight so that you will find your seats sanitized at any moment. A complimentary disinfectant kit is always available for you in the cabin.

Book in less than a minute

Book your private jet online in less than a minute and reach your destination the fastest way.

Dedicated concierge services

We offer ad-hoc limousine or taxi transfers upon arrival and dedicated concierge services during your trip. We can book you in at your favourite hotel, restaurant or event.

Frequent-flyer program

Purchase in-flight hours and enjoy discounted prices and guaranteed availability with our Fix-Flex membership programs. Enhance your flexibility with GlobeAir.

15-minutes boarding time

Save up to 3 hours on each of your trips with our 15-minutes boarding time. Enjoy the privacy of dedicated private-jet terminals, or FBOs, and relax at one of the many VIP lounges.

984 Exclusive destinations

Fly to over 984 European destinations including the small airports that airlines can't reach like Bolzano, Samedan, Sion, St. Moritz, Le Castellet, La Môle and others.

London (BQH)
→ Barcelona (BCN)

from €8,090

Flight time: 02:28 h

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Paris (LBG)
→ Barcelona (BCN)

from €6,590

Flight time: 02:00 h

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London (BQH)
→ Zurich (ZRH)

from €5,790

Flight time: 01:46 h

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Get ahead of your competition

Time = Regeneration

Nothing is more valuable in competitive environments than time. No matter if used for regeneration, research, strategy or training. GlobeAir gives you the opportunity to be a step ahead.

For the last 10 years in business aviation, we had many sports people from all categories on board. And all of them were driven by becoming the best competitor in their field. For many of them, we made it possible by assisting in stressful situations and gaining an advantage towards others. GlobeAir takes care of all your travel plans including your team, if needed.

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