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GlobeAir has partnered with BIOGENA to help passengers be conscious of health, well-being and longevity. BIOGENA is one of only a few pure substance manufacturers in Europe offering the highest quality micronutrient preparations. By partnering with BIOGENA, we have found the perfect solution for our discerning travellers who needs to find their balance in life, revitalise themselves and turn their full potential into a reality.

BIOGENA is a high-end premium consumer health brand with the uncompromising mission of helping as many people as possible worldwide achieve greater health and well-being.


BIOGENA GmbH & Co KG is an Austrian family business owned by founder Dr. Albert Schmidbauer with headquarters in Salzburg, Vienna and Freilassing. The 361° Health Company employs over 420 people in the group, focuses on the development, production and marketing of premium micronutrient preparations and is a reliable knowledge partner in the field of health and well-being. The preparations are manufactured in Austria according to the pure substance principle - without any artificial colourings, flavour enhancers, coatings or technical additives - and exported to more than 50 countries

"Just as GlobeAir connects people and opens up international paths, we at BIOGENA also want to connect the whole world. Health and well-being for as many people as possible - for us, that means transnational, all-encompassing, international!" Dr. Albert Schmidbauer, BIOGENA CEO

GlobeAir chooses BIOGENA: the reasons behind the partnership

Strong collaborations for better health

BIOGENA's mission is to help many people achieve more excellent health and well-being by providing targeted diagnostics and knowledge offerings while uncompromising on high-quality standards. Its premium consumer health segment relies on pure substances, free from artificial colourings, preservatives or technical additives.

A high level of compliance and optimum bioavailability results from seamless, state-of-the-art research and development by their dedicated scientific team in the field.

Sharing a passion for a balanced lifestyle and a sustainable approach to a balanced lifestyle is why GlobeAir has chosen to partner with BIOGENA to offer a premium quality lifestyle brand that provides greater health and well-being.

''With BIOGENA's help, we are able to ensure the good health and wellness of our passengers and clients. The realization that everything we do affects us on both an internal level as well as a physical level is what led us to focus on providing premium lifestyle products. Our partnership with BIOGENA is all about inspiring our customers while also protecting their passions by supporting their quality of life.'' Jean-Eudes Fauville, GlobeAir's Partnership Manager.

BIOGENA Diamonds®

The Ultimate 5-in-1 Master Collection

Developed and designed for people with the most exquisite taste, who are fascinated by the endless wealth of opportunities for bringing spiritual, emotional and physical health into perfect harmony. BIOGENA Diamonds® is a formulation like no other; the diamond standard of high-end supplements, a masterful composition that could only be dreamed of up until now. As brilliant as you are.

With BIOGENA Diamonds®, BIOGENA turns science into an art: 44 vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plant extracts working together in perfect harmony, combined in the ultimate symbiosis. State of the art and utterly uncompromising. Clinically tested brand raw ingredients ensure the highest quality. BIOGENA Diamonds® embodies the purity of diamonds in its principle of pure substances – only the very purest of raw ingredients finds their way into this product. Refine your brilliance with BIOGENA Diamonds® and become the best version of yourself.

The ultimate 5-in-1 Master Collection, with just three capsules per day, covers all your needs and meets both your and our highest demands: Health (physical health), Focus (mental performance), Energy (power), Balance (nerves and mind) and Glow (beauty).

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