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An annual winter celebration in the Chinese city of Harbin is called the Harbiner International Eis- and Schneefest. It is the largest ice and snow festival in the world thanks to its extensive ice sculptures. The festival officially kicks off on January 5 and lasts for one month, but the exhibition often gets going sooner and lasts until the end of February if the weather and wind cooperate. The ice sculptures are dispersed around the entire city, but there are two main exhibition areas: "Sun Island," a recreational area on the Songhua Fluuse's city-bound side, is where the sculptures are located. The area known as "Ice and Snow World" is open at night and features large ice structures that are illuminated at night. The up to one-meter thick icebergs are immediately entombed by the Songhua-Fluss. Numerous parks host Ice Lantern Parades throughout the festival. Other winter activities include alpine skiing at the Yabuli Wintersport Center, winter swimming at Songhua river, and an ice sculpture display at Zhaolin Garden. In the winter, dry, chilly winds from Siberia have an impact on Harbin, which is located in the Manchurian. The average temperatures are 21,2 °C in the summer and 16,8 °C in the winter; deep freeze temperatures of 35 °C are not uncommon.

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