Tips for flying with pets

Curating a memorable flight experience for your pets

Everything you need to know for charted air travel with pets

You can travel with your pets in a private jet to your favourite destinations, and you will avoid the stress of flying with your pet on a commercial flight. Some families cannot bear to leave their pets behind when they travel, so pet owners dream about being able to fly with their furry friends on vacation.

Travelling with pets is becoming increasingly popular, and pet owners want to travel with their pets as much as possible.

Pet owners are dealing with new restrictions on pet travel in the aircraft cabin, reduced shipping options for pets as cargo, and flight cancellations and scheduling shifts. The COVID-19 virus and airport summer disruptions have also made flying with pets more difficult, as some airlines had temporarily halted their pet transportation services.

Whether transporting a beloved dog to a sunny summer retreat or looking forward to seeing your new tabby kitten, many people are concerned about the stress of flying on a commercial airline with their cat or dog. You can alleviate this concern by choosing to fly privately; no matter your pet type, your pets will feel right at home!

Taking your pet with you on your vacation is a great way to provide them with some rest and relaxation. However, most airlines do not allow you to take your pet with you in the cabin. This can cause issues with your pet as they are restrained in their cages and subjected to loud noises that would scare the average human, let alone a pet.

Why is flying with pets commercially difficult?

Restrictions, limitations and regulations to meet to travel with pets

When travelling with your pets, they may become overwhelmed and frightened when flying. It removes them from familiar and comfortable environments, forcing them into a loud, bright atmosphere with thousands of people. Combined with the many restrictions currently imposed on commercial aircraft, the experience can be traumatising for our furry friends.

Pets can travel on a commercial airline in one of 3 ways: in-cabin, checked baggage and manifest cargo.


Your pet may travel in the cabin if it is small enough to be carried. The general rule is that the pet must not weigh more than 20 pounds/9 kilograms or more than 10 inches/25 centimetres tall.

If your pet is small enough, an airline-compliant carrier must be stowed under the seat. An adult passenger must accompany a pet travelling in the cabin to fly. At the passenger check-in desk, an agent will inspect all your dog or cat documentation to allow it to fly on board. You will head to security after you have paid the pet carry-on fee and received approval.

Checked Baggage Cabin:

Any pet that exceeds the airline's cabin size restriction must travel as checked baggage in the cargo hold. You have no control once you deliver your pet to airline employees.

It is not guaranteed they will pay special attention or care to your dog or cat in their cage. The airport personnel try to make dogs comfortable in the cargo hold, but it's a challenging experience for your pet. In addition to being separated from you, objects may fall or shift around during the flight, which may be loud and terrifying.

An additional difficulty could arise if you are flying your pets as checked baggage during a layover. Most airlines require the pet owner to check their animals into their connecting flight. This might create unnecessary complications for your trip, particularly if your layover is short.

Manifest Cargo:

If a pet is too large and cannot travel as checked baggage, the pet would need to travel as manifest cargo in the hold. They may be followed throughout their journey by an AWB or Airway Bill Number Manifest cargo is commonly more costly to transport your pets than excess baggage.

Due to the difficulties and safety of flying pets with a commercial airline, a movement started on Facebook with a dedicated group called 'Chartered Air Travel With Pets'. The group's purpose is to provide fur parents who do not want the problems of flying with their pets through cargo with an alternative option. Instead, they would rather choose to fly with a trusted private jet charter company like GlobeAir.

Already, over 13,000 individuals have joined the group, all of whom share the same values and are passionate about safeguarding their pets.

European-based airlines have specific rules in place regarding travelling with pets. Swiss Air has confirmed that airports in Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, and Geneva, they will now charge an additional $125 for pets travelling through these airports.

KLM has a policy that states that animals in the cabin and transiting via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol must have a maximum layover of three hours. Therefore, travellers must ensure that the connecting flight will not be longer than 3 hours.

According to a spokeswoman, the wait time for pet-arrival slots at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre is about three weeks for afternoon and evening arrivals and eight weeks for morning ones.

Why should you travel in a private jet with your pet?

Smooth boarding for both passengers and pets

A private jet eliminates your cat or dog's anxiety about being confined when flying commercially; you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be comfortable and safe on board. Flying with pets on board a private jet is a memorable experience. Not only will your pet be able to travel in comfort and style, but you'll also have access to a larger cabin and all the amenities you'd expect from a luxury service.

It's not just about convenience. It's about making the trip as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your pet.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your pet on a luxury trip, then flying with them in comfort and style is the way to go! A private jet is a fully personalised flight experience where you can travel directly from one place to another without restrictions or delays and enjoy comfort and luxury with your beloved pet by your side!

There are several benefits for both you and your pet when flying via private jet:

  • There are no lines or waiting for security checks. Avoid the long lines in the commercial terminals and huge crowds making their way onto an overpacked flight., checking in at the airport or waiting for luggage.
  • You only have to arrive 30 minutes before departure instead of hours ahead of time. This also means there won't be any stressful moments waiting at the airport before takeoff; just relax!
  • No crowds or uncomfortable seating arrangements. You will have plenty of space for every passenger and your furry companion. When you fly with GlobeAir, your pets are welcome in the cabin.
  • You can put your pet in its seat, right next to you! You don't need to keep them caged and can enjoy the flight with a cat or dog resting on your lap. Animals can ride comfortably inside a private jet, which eliminates their anxiety about being confined like they would be when flying commercially and reduces your stress from having to worry about keeping an eye on them.
  • More freedom regarding where you can fly—they're not limited by commercial routes.
  • You'll be able to fly directly to your destination. You won't have to go through the hassle of connecting flights or changing terminals. As all private jet flights are direct, once you are in the air, there's no layover time at an airport or waiting around for connecting flights; you will get right where you're going.

Tips for flying with your pets

Everything you need to know about flying with your furry companion

The GlobeAir #DreamTeam has developed some tips on travelling smarter and ensuring that your dog or cat is ready for their dream vacation.

Tips before departure

  • Ensure that your pet has all the necessary documents for your specific destination. Generally, a pet would require a health clearance from a veterinarian and an approved EU pet passport showing proof of vaccination against rabies.
  • Make sure your pet is healthy and vaccinated. If it’s a puppy or kitten, consider getting them microchipped before you travel with them.
  • Know your destination. For example, when flying from the United Kingdom to Ibiza or Palma, pets must be cleared by customs in France or any other Schengen area.
  • Ensure your pet is comfortable travelling in different environments and situations (for example, being confined in a small space).
  • It is essential that your pet be well-rested and not over-tired before you get on the plane
  • Before departure, taking your dog or cat for a quick stroll can help calm their nerves and also allow them to relieve themselves.
  • Be aware of additional costs. Certain countries like Great Britain will charge an extra variable cost depending on the airport you arrive in.*

View the GlobeAir official Flying with pets on a GlobeAir private jet web page for a comprehensive breakdown of pet travel requirements.

Tips for looking after your pet during flight

  • Make sure that your pet is safe inside the cabin. It can be a danger not just to your pet but to you as a passenger if your pet is loose in the cabin. We recommend keeping your pet on a leash or crate, depending on your pet's comfort level.
  • Bring a blanket with you: Bring your pet’s favourite bedding as a stress-relief measure while flying
  • You may also want to consider bringing toys to play with your pet. If your pet has particular grooming needs, be sure to bring those along, as well.
  • Keep it comfortable: Make sure your pet feels comfortable during the flight.
  • Get your pet ready: Make sure that your pet knows the basic behavioural commands
  • Finally, depending on how far away our destination is, ensure they stay hydrated with plenty of water available. To add to their luxury pet travel, bring along their favourite treat. You can always ask GlobeAir to arrange some special treats for him/her beforehand

Tips for your pet after you land

  • Ensure all your documentation is ready to be checked by the local authorities at your destination.
  • Pets often become dehydrated and hungry after a trip. Make sure they are adequately nourished and well hydrated when they arrive, especially if the journey has been long.
  • Take your dog for a walk immediately once you have landed. An airport pet relief area can help you stretch your legs and pups after flying.

Flying with your pet on board a private jet is an enjoyable experience for both of you. The plane's luxurious interior and spacious seating make your pet comfortable throughout the journey. You'll also have all the time in the world to enjoy each other’s company since there are no delays due to boarding or disembarking passengers from commercial flights.

Do not hesitate to contact the dedicated GlobeAir Sales and Customer Experience team and allow us to assist and guide you. We will ensure a smooth and efficient journey whilst providing a luxury travel experience for you and your beloved dog, cat, feral or bird.


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