Flying with pets on a GlobeAir private jet

Can I bring a pet on a private jet?

That’s a common question for discerning travellers who are also pet owners. Likewise, the GlobeAir Sales & Client Experience team regularly receives similar enquiries. The answer is yes. When you fly via GlobeAir, your pets are allowed in the cabins of our Citation Mustang jets. As easy as this sounds, there are still some regulations to follow.

We can fly your pets in our Citation Mustang as long as your pet weighs a maximum of 25 kg, except for Guide Dogs. All special requests are treated case-by-case and can be serviced by our Partner Charter network, allowing us to curate a special and memorable journey for you and your pet.

Pet owners know that flying with a cat or dog is not always easy. Your pet may develop severe anxieties, and you may start fearing for its health. This is especially true when you fly commercial as airlines have stringent regulations for pet travel: your cat or dog must fly caged or transported as cargo. In any case, pet travel does require some preparation; but this shouldn’t put you off. GlobeAir makes pet travel easy with the following recommendations.

How to fly comfortably with pets?

  • Bring a blanket with you: Bring your pet’s favourite bedding as a stress-relief measure while flying
  • Keep it comfortable: Make sure that your pet feels comfortable during the flight. You can always ask GlobeAir to arrange some special treats for him/her beforehand
  • Get your pet ready: Make sure that your pet knows the basic behavioural commands

We make boarding smooth for both passengers and pets. Here you can find GlobeAir’s pet regulations and the associated costs.

Onboard rules

  • Your pet is kept on a leash, wears a muzzle and travels fastened
  • Your pet may be placed in a portable carry-on pet carrier, but that’s not mandatory
  • Your pet weighs a maximum of 25 kg, except for Guide Dogs. All special requests are treated on a case by case basis

GlobeAir fees

If you travel with a pet, you may be charged additional costs depending on your landing airport in the UK. You can find an overview of the applied fares below. For flights scheduled anywhere else in Europe, there will be no additional costs. In both cases, the liability of damages to the aircraft lies with the passenger.

Country-specific requirements

Depending on how you travel and the country where you are heading, you may be required to bring along your pet’s passport. As well as this, your pets should be on top of their vaccination boosters. No matter if you travel commercial or private, there are some stringent requirements which regulate pet entries abroad: these apply to both commercial and private flights because they are specific to the country you are entering. As the UK regulates pet travel very strictly, you can find all the UK regulations below.

A general tip when travelling abroad with your pets: always inform yourself about your destination’s requirements before travelling.

UK pets requirements

The list below compiles five of the conditions that your pet should meet when entering the UK. If your pet doesn’t meet all the conditions, he/she will not be considered for entry under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) and, therefore, will need to undergo quarantine.

  1. Your pet is microchipped
  2. Your pet is vaccinated against rabies
  3. Your pet has received a blood test after the rabies vaccination
  4. Six months have passed after the blood test
  5. Your dog pets are treated for tick and Echinococcus (tapeworm). (The treatment must be administered by a veterinarian no less than 24 hours and no more than 48 hours before departure)

List of approved UK airports:

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