How flying private can save your Summer travels this year

The face of Commercial Aviation disruption

Air disruptions in Commercial Aviation

Private jet travel has become a preferred mode of transportation for travellers due to the latest air travel disruption. Passengers have been lining up for over five hours to go through security checkpoints at Amsterdam, Dublin, and Manchester airports, where travel disruptions have occurred and resulted in passengers missing their flights.

Last-minute cancellations from commercial airlines such as TUI, easyJet, and British Airways have distressed and bewildered customers causing passengers to be stuck at their destinations for hours while they try to make alternative plans and frustration caused by lost luggage. The disruptions we have seen show no signs of being corrected before the end of Summer.

According to flight-tracking firm Cirium, 377 flights have been cancelled from UK airports during the week (25-31 May), with easyJet the most affected airline and Gatwick the airport worst hit.

For the last few weeks, the GlobeAir #DreamTeam has encountered a problem that has never occurred in the previous 20 years. These issues are no longer isolated events; they are prevalent and have happened at most airports across Europe.

Private jet future
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With rising fuel costs and growing concerns regarding the safety of commercial airlines, private jet travel has emerged as an attractive option for travellers who want to reach their destinations and meet their commitments to their families for their summer vacations.

For many passengers, switching to private jets has become a matter of safety and convenience.

Why is aviation experiencing disruption?

Commercial Aviation has experienced a turbulent period over the last few years.

The aviation industry has been facing several challenges in recent years, including rising fuel costs, the shortage of availability of fuel, and the long-term economic effects of Covid. The introduction of the omicron variant at the beginning of this year reversed some gains made in 2022.

There is currently a shortage of 6000 ATC controllers in Europe. CTOT-ATC slots are delayed, leading to aggressive scheduling and long crew and pilot duty phases, which are impossible to maintain. As a result, airliners are frequently forced to cancel the day's last and last-minute scheduled flight cancellations.

As you may have seen in the news, the aviation sector is severely understaffed, and all ground and air operations areas are affected. Now fuel logistics are also affected. These problems have finally reached the travel industry. Due to the loss of job security confidence, tens of thousands of aviation workers laid off and fired during the pandemic will not be returning to the travel industry.

A technical incident at a major European oil refinery has caused a 50% capacity reduction in JET A-1 fuel availability. Combined with a staff shortage, the GlobeAir team has experienced situations where no fuel has been available, leaving the #DreamTeam to make alternative arrangements and leading to more fuel stops along the route, creating additional time and operational disruptions.


All these factors and a lack of support from the government have led to a shortage of aviation professionals able to provide the necessary services needed to operate effectively. Unfortunately, this has mainly occurred in commercial aviation sectors, creating an uncomfortable environment for airlines struggling to maintain profit margins to meet demand.

As Summer began, travel restrictions and regulations decreased in Europe, creating a record number of passengers flying within the coming weeks and months. Many travellers are ready to fly to their Summer destinations and summer getaways.

Technical difficulties, overselling seat tickets and employee capacity to manage the record number of passengers have led to passengers on commercial airline flights struggling as they wait in long queues, not knowing if they will reach their final destination.

The rise of private jet travel amidst the chaos

Business Aviation ramps up for the rest of 2022

The rise of this industry is affected by several factors, including the increasing demand for efficient travel, the restructuring of the airline sector, and a growing focus on safety and convenience.

Business jets flew 3.3 million flights worldwide in 2021, the most on record for a single year and 7 per cent more than the previous high point in 2019, according to WingX's Global Market. In 2021, GlobeAir recorded over 4,600 first-time private passengers.

Private jet travel is especially attractive for those who travel for business, allowing them to save time and avoid wasted hours spent in airports. It also provides an ideal environment for those who value privacy and want to avoid the crowds and noise often associated with commercial aviation.

Private jet couple
Business partners on board private jet

What can the #DreamTeam control?

Our team of industry experts have created a strategy to make sure we operate efficiently

GlobeAir has been monitoring the situation very closely. Thanks to our intelligent monitoring system and our team of experts, we have been able to develop a strategy that aligns with the core needs of our business by managing the increased demand for flights and what we are available to deliver.

How the GlobeAir team is managing the disruptions:

  • Our expert and committed Digital department has developed a pricing dashboard and process, considering fixed average prices and the variable differential and uplift costs. This process has provided a pricing structure to calculate the average fuel costs per hour, and our pricing is automatically updated accordingly. This optimal pricing allows us to meet client expectations and manage the operational costs.
  • GlobeAir will concentrate on key European hubs. Operating in remote destinations creates logistical problems for the crew, increases duty times and additional costs to position an aircraft. We will focus on Central Europe and popular summer destinations in the Balearic Islands, the Cote d'Azur, and Sardinia and Croatia in Southern Europe. This approach allows the #DreamTeam to focus on intelligent sales to deliver efficient travel solutions.
  • To enhance performance, we have recruited members from within the aviation sector to increase the size of our international #DreamTeam. GlobeAir is developing the new team members, blending their expertise with the current #DreamTeam and living our motto #PassionIntoProfession. This approach enables us to leverage the expertise of all team members, where we demonstrate a commitment to maximising experiences and producing opportunities for success.
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What we recommend:

  • Choose to fly with a Private Jet Operator
  • Book your journey at least three weeks in advance
  • Expect some destinations are not available this summer
  • Be prepared for higher prices due to higher costs

The benefits of flying private with GlobeAir

Reasons to travel on a private jet

With almost 15 years of experience, GlobeAir is Europe's number one leading private jet charter company providing premium luxury jet travel for discerning customers.

Many passengers experience anxiety while travelling due to long lines, uncertainty about procedures, and crowds. GlobeAir works to counteract "airport stress" by enhancing privacy and speeding up airport operations. When you can board without the masses, bring liquids on board, and travel with your cat or dog in the cabin, your "airport stress" will significantly diminish, allowing passengers to enjoy their trip.

As commercial airlines have struggled to remain profitable, their service has declined, becoming less desirable to the general public. Due to their difficulties, this has opened up a niche for private jet travel, which has become a more viable option for many individuals with a surge in first-time private flyers.

Private jets have become more accessible to a broader range of customers thanks to cost savings and technological developments, including the rise of online booking services, online aircraft tracking and pricing systems, and improved aircraft efficiency.


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