Online Cyber Monday Deal by GlobeAir

Online Cyber Monday Deal by GlobeAir

Redeem your voucher, start smart travelling

Today is Cyber Monday! We are giving away five exclusive Cyber Monday discounts to five of our fastest clickers – the faster you are, the higher your discount will be! Book your next private jet flight online at and use voucher code


The discounts apply to online bookings only; the value of the discounts ranges from 50% to 10% OFF, on a "first come, first served" basis.

Nice (NCE)
   → Zurich (ZRH)

from €4,490

Flight time: 01:15 h

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London (BQH)
   → Paris (LBG)

from €4,490

Flight time: 01:02 h

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Paris (LBG)
   → Zurich (ZRH)

from €4,490

Flight time: 01:21 h

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When you choose to board a private jet charter, infinite travelling possibilities will unveil before you. Imagine travelling faster than ever, both for your leisure and business appointments. With ten years of experience, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless service for your private jet transfers in Europe and beyond. Discover more than 984 exclusive destinations or attend your favourite events in great style. We partner with the most trustworthy transfer companies to ensure that you are escorted from your favourite location to your final destinations hassle-free.


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GlobeAir is the leading and award-winning Private Jet Operator in Europe offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. To make sure that you receive the excellent service you deserve, we are available for you 24/7.

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