7 reasons to travel on a private jet

7 reasons to travel on a private jet

... and luxury is not one of them

Business Aviation can create time and cut costs. European companies have declared that they can save up to €15 millions in avoided overnight hotel stays per year (EBAA) by choosing to charter a private jet for their employees’ business trips when these involve more than one stop, and yet people associate private jets with luxury only. The truth is that the real luxury when you fly private is the ability to reschedule your flight according to your needs and, let’s say, be at home just in time for Christmas. It’s a fact, chartering a private jet lets you have more time at your disposal regardless of the scope of your journey.

You’re close to pulling off the perfect negotiation for your business when the clock reminds you that it’s nearly time to catch your return flight home; you hurry your decisions, and you are less likely to strike a favourable deal. Such a scenario won’t apply to you if you are a private jet traveller for the simple reason that time will be on your side.

Not only does flying private make business sense, but it can make you healthier as well. Air travelling can be daunting with many suffering from the so-called “airport stress”, which is caused by long queues, the uncertainty of procedures and crowds. Private jet companies work against “airport stress”, enhancing privacy and making airport procedures fast and hassle-free. When you are allowed to board away from the crowds, bring your liquids on board and travel with your cat or dog in the cabin, your “airport stress” will drop significantly giving you a chance to actually enjoy travelling.

Why fly private?

  • You are in charge of your schedule
  • You increase your productivity by 150%
  • Your fly to over 984 destinations in Europe
  • You sign up to an excellent service
  • You travel safe and sound
  • You have more time for you and your family
  • You contribute to the economic growth

To help you learn more about Business Aviation, we have asked ourselves: Why fly private?– Identifying seven of the main reasons why choosing private aviation makes sense.

1. You are in charge of your schedule

Take off and landing times, unlike any commercial flight, can be rescheduled at short notice to suit unexpected longer meetings or accommodate possible changes of plan. Flexibility for passengers is maximal, and it’s not uncommon to reroute to an alternative destination than initially requested.

  • Boarding procedures last only 15 minutes from arrival to take off: Passengers fly on a private jet because of the high schedule flexibility ensured by smoother boarding procedures, faster journeys, and no risk of flight disruptions caused by strikes.
  • Private Jet Terminals: Once at the airport, private jet passengers don’t share terminals with commercial airline passengers. On the contrary, they head through dedicated private-jet terminals also called Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). At the FBO passengers are welcomed by the desk staff and can usually make themselves comfortable by grabbing a coffee or a magazine on us. Thanks to record boarding times, however, passengers don’t often spend long lounging at the FBO.
  • All transfers are taken care of upon arrival: As the aeroplane hits the tarmac, there is always a limousine, taxi or helicopter ready to escort passengers to their next destination.

2. You can increase your productivity by 150%

Business Aviation drives an increase of about 150% in productive working time thanks to the absence of layovers in-between airports, which prevents employees from having to work intermittently. Private jets also recreate the perfect conditions for silence and concentration when this is needed. At GlobeAir this goes as far as to allow your four-legged friend to nestle around you while flying recreating the same productive environment of your home office. Fewer restrictions on board and more tolerance for carry-on baggage and liquids also contribute to creating efficiencies for passengers. When passengers fly on a multi-trip journey for business, they can visit multiple customers on the same day, thus leveraging costs. Although prices for flights are still higher than business class tickets, apart from empty leg flights, companies and individuals can invest in productivity.

3. Your destinations are over 984 airports in Europe

Business Aviation increases connectivities. Compared to commercial flights, private jets can access a higher number of airports, many of which reside in remote areas which would otherwise be left disconnected. Operating in some of the most challenging airports in Europe such as Sion, Bolzano, Zeltweg, Le Castellet, Braunschweig, Payerne, Samedan, Buochs (Lucerne), Melun, Siena, Salerno, Cannes and Toulon, GlobeAir can reach over 984 destinations in Europe including both dedicated private-jet and international airports.

4. You sign up to an excellent service

The private jet company becomes fully available for you from the moment you book your private jet flight online until you reach the destination.

  • Our Customer Care Team will be on hand 24/7 and on your preferred communication platforms, whether it be email, WebChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter
  • Your decisions will be fast and supported by a personal travel agent
  • During the entire duration of your journey, you will have only one point of contact, and we will be happy to become your all-in-one travel solution when it comes to hotel, restaurants, office space or even exclusive events bookings
  • On board, you will meet highly-skilled pilots always ready to assist you with anything you may need
  • Excellent catering with products such as Roederer’s champagne and San Pellegrino Water as well as the possibility to pre-order your favourite food and beverages will make you comfortable during your flight
  • With the option to store your suitcase and heavy items of baggage like ski equipment or golf bags in a dedicated compartment, you will be delighted to choose to fly private for leisure. Sit back, and relax!

5. You travel safe and sound

By nature, private jets favour privacy and confidentiality. A quiet place on board of a private jet can encourage concentration and the discussion of confidential matters when travelling as a team. Passengers on their way to their destinations can discuss sensitive topics and prepare for their next meetings. FBO airport procedures are designed to avoid intrusive questions from security staff, and passengers don’t have to station in crowded places, which are more likely to become the target of terrorist attacks.

6. You have more time for you and your family

Business Aviation can save up to 2 hours of travel time on each trip, giving you the chance to travel faster and help achieve a healthier work-life balance. You have more time for yourself and can successfully invest in the preparation of your next meeting as well as having more time to spend with your loved ones.

7. You contribute to the economic growth

Private fliers indirectly benefit the economy. Business Aviation spurs growth in both aviation (aircraft operations, maintenance, handling) and non-aviation sectors. By multiplying connections between territories thanks to a broader network than the commercial airlines, the industry plays a strategic role in spreading growth from regions of different socio-economic status.


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