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For those that ask the question, where is Saint-Tropez? Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea's sparkling azure and Provence's charming location, Saint-Tropez is a luxurious dream come true for any traveller. Known to some as St. Tropez, it is a delightful blend of history, cuisine, art and glamour bound to leave an indelible imprint.

With its colourful houses, bustling port, iconic lighthouse, and narrow lanes brimming with boutiques and restaurants, stepping into Saint-Tropez is like walking into a vibrant painting. It's a place cherished by artists like Picasso and Matisse, where celebrities find their tranquil retreat.

Whether you're enchanted by the crystal-clear waters of Pampelonne Beach, the lively nightlife, or the tranquillity of the vineyards at sunset, something in Saint-Tropez will resonate with your soul.

So, come along and immerse yourself in the charm of this jewel of the French Riviera, let its magic weave its spell around you, and create memories that outshine the stars.

This luxurious travel experience in Saint-Tropez beckons you, promising an adventure that's both vibrant and intimate, chic yet heartfelt.

Allow GlobeAir to guide you on a 3-day travel itinerary of Saint-Tropez that perfectly encapsulates this iconic coastal town's grandeur, thrill, relaxation, and pure joie de vivre.

Welcome to your dream destination, Saint-Tropez!

Day 1: Unveiling the Glamour of Saint-Tropez

Morning: The perfect arrival in Saint Tropez

Your journey into glamour begins the moment you land at Saint-Tropez International Airport. A luxury limousine or helicopter will whisk you away to your secret villa, La Réserve Ramatuelle. Before entering your exquisite residence, a welcoming glass of champagne and a sumptuous breakfast awaits you.

Afternoon: The Iconic "Place des Lices" and a Culinary Voyage

Explore the authentic taste of Saint-Tropez with a private tour of the iconic "Place des Lices" market. The day continues with a private luxury yacht charter around the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, offering breathtaking views, a dash of adventure, and a delightful lunch onboard, masterfully prepared by your personal chef using local specialities.

Evening: Fine Dining and Entertainment

Celebrate the social scene of Saint-Tropez as you savour cocktail creations at the acclaimed establishments this city is known for. Relish an extraordinary dining experience at the distinguished GIOIA Restaurant, where you can delight in exquisite Italian and Mediterranean food whilst soaking in the lively ambience of the famous port. Let the tantalising flavours of the French Riviera captivate your senses in this bustling haven.

As night falls, witness the remarkable transformation of the GIOIA Restaurant into the most sought-after nightclub in town The VIP Room. Cap your evening at The VIP Room, an electrifying pinnacle of Saint-Tropez nightlife. Globally recognised for its international clientele, The VIP Room pulsates with a unique blend of cosmopolitan energy, artfully set against the idyllic backdrop of charming Saint-Tropez. Immerse yourself in this vibrant culture of excitement and elegance as you enjoy the finest nightlife experiences the French Riviera offers.

Day 2: The perfect blend of luxury and leisure

Morning: A date with art

Begin your day with a delicious breakfast served in the comfort of your bed. Then, embark on a private tour to the Musée de l'Annonciade, home to an impressive collection of modern art.

Afternoon: An Unforgettable Experience

Relax with a great spa session at the La Reserve Ramatuelle, providing luxury treatments, followed by an unforgettable private wine-tasting tour through the vineyards of the Saint-Tropez region, where each sip tells a unique story.

Evening: A Gastronomic Adventure

Embark on a private helicopter ride to Monaco with our partner BLADE for a feast at the 3 Michelin star restaurant, Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel de Paris, a splendid union of Mediterranean cuisine and grandeur. Return to Saint-Tropez and unwind with live jazz music at the cosy Hotel Sube Saint Tropez Le Sube's Lounge Bar with a panoramic port view.

Day 3: Dive into the Rich Culture of Saint-Tropez

Morning: A Journey Through Time

Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. Then, venture to the Citadel of Saint-Tropez Maritime History Museum, where you'll embark on a guided exploration of Saint-Tropez's rich maritime history.

Afternoon: A Blissful Beach Day

Relish a gourmet picnic on the picturesque Pampelonne Beach, thoughtfully prepared by your personal chef. Opt for a leisurely afternoon or inject excitement with jet skiing or paddleboarding activities.

Evening: A Grand Farewell

Bid farewell to Saint-Tropez with a special dinner at La Vague d'Or, a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant offering the pinnacle of local cuisine. Conclude your journey with a private boat cruise, capturing the enchanting sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

Your unforgettable journey concludes with a luxury transfer from your hotel to Saint-Tropez International Airport, where you'll depart in your GlobeAir private jet, taking cherished memories of an extraordinary adventure with you.

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