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Tailor-made for discerning travellers, the Smart Traveller #4 comes from the idea of a visionary CEO. In this issue, the #DREAMTEAM has continued partnering with more luxury brands in awe-inspiring destinations that excite and energise you. We invite you to explore luxurious travel and learn about our exclusive synergic partnerships.

In 2023, GlobeAir marks a momentous milestone, celebrating 15 years of exceptional flights & reshaping luxury travel. This magazine is available in four languages, displaying the company’s international nature.

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Read exciting testimonials from GlobeAir Commander Emilie Colignon, unforgettable holiday moments in the sun-kissed city of Saint-Tropez, uncover why South Tyrol is your next must-visit destination, and join us on Seb Ogier's inspiring journey towards triumphant success!

Broaden your artistic horizons with multi-disciplinary maestro Richard Orlinski, embark on the ultimate shopping spree in the enchanting cities of Florence, Monte-Carlo and more, and set your palate for a gastronomic journey across the globe! Step into a world of unique experiences, captivating cultures, and awe-inspiring adventures with us.

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