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TORTUE HAMBURG, a luminous emblem of luxury, embodies French-inspired elegance fused with a modern ambience that captivates its guests. This hotel is an expression of Hanseatic chic, seamlessly merging Northern German elegance with cosmopolitan sophistication, representing Hamburg's maritime heritage, dynamic urban scene, and refined art culture.

The distinct charm of TORTUE HAMBURG stems from diverse creative minds, spanning from Hong Kong to Amsterdam and including local Hamburg designers. This unique fusion of global and local aesthetics transforms the hotel into a narrative of creativity and tradition, an artful spectacle akin to a living piece of art.

Perfectly positioned amidst Neuer Wall's high-end boutiques and Jungfernstieg's vibrant energy, the hotel effortlessly blends Hamburg's rich history with its contemporary culture. The hotel's name, 'TORTUE', a nod to the Napoleonic era, reminds guests to savour each moment, embracing the art of leisurely living.

What is included in your package:

  • Round-trip private jet flight to Hamburg from your preferred location
  • Limousine transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • Overnight Stay in the TORTUE Suite
  • Daily à la carte breakfast
  • VIP Service of your Guest Relation Manager
  • Belle Époque champagne on arrival in the room
  • Selected dinner experience either in the JIN GUI or chez l’ami

Stadthausbrücke 10, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

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* flights excluded, For two people

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About the TORTUE Suite

Elevate luxury as design meets comfort

As an esteemed member of Design Hotels, TORTUE houses 128 rooms and suites, all thoughtfully designed by the finest international designers.

Each space at the TORTUE Hotel is carefully crafted, featuring complimentary amenities such as a well-stocked minibar and high-speed WiFi, bridging the gap between modern convenience and classic luxury.

As part of your package, you'll reside in the exquisite TORTUE Suite, a luxurious sanctuary sprawling across 70 sqm.

This exclusive suite boasts a separate bedroom, a free-standing bathtub, and your private sauna, promising a retreat of pure luxury. The suite's king-size bed, twin showers, a selection of premium in-house cosmetic products, complimentary minibar, tea and coffee provisions, dual LCD flat screens, a digital guest guide, and climate control ensure your stay is as splendid as it is unforgettable.

Upon your arrival, we set the stage for the journey ahead with a bottle of premium Belle Époque champagne waiting for you in your suite.

Culinary Excellence

Dining at JIN GUI and chez el'ami

When the day turns to evening, savour a meticulously curated dining experience at the JIN GUI restaurant, celebrated for its fine Asian cuisine and sushi, or Chez l'ami, acclaimed for its selection of the choicest cuts and seafood dishes.


Nestled within a tranquil courtyard, JIN GUI unveils itself as a gourmet destination inspired by the diverse flavours of Asia. The establishment's lavish bar radiates a harmonious blend of cosmopolitan allure and intimate charm, embodying the essence of its name - a tribute to the 'Golden Tortoise'. The enchanting narrative of JIN GUI comes to life amidst the grandeur of the restaurant's heritage-infused dining area.

Indulge in banquet seats and inviting, plush furniture that craft intimate nooks for every guest. Step into the Mirror Room, designed to pique your curiosity and inspire contemplation of what lies ahead. Its stunning, kaleidoscopic effect transports you through time and space, creating an immersive dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

Every bite served at JIN GUI is a sensory voyage, a harmonious interplay of flavours meticulously crafted to delight your palate. As you indulge in these culinary delights, you experience the ultimate sensory journey - a profound awakening of your pleasure senses, making every meal at JIN GUI a celebration of gastronomic joy.

Chez l'ami

Presenting Chez l'ami TORTUE, a gem in Hamburg's dining scene, a secluded haven for culinary enthusiasts in pursuit of the finest meat indulgences.

In this premium dining destination in the heart of Hanseatic Hamburg, guests are treated to an exceptional experience, dining on superbly prepared cuts in utmost privacy. The mise-en-scène is a delight, the beverages are rare finds, and every detail is far from ordinary. As you sink into plush leather seating, handling cutlery forged from exquisite silver, you are enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance accentuated by the flickering candlelight.

Here is where gastronomy meets artistry as you savour the finest selection of meat and shellfish. This space is a testament to what French grandeur can achieve, an epiphany that dawns on discerning gourmets after their first encounter with this remarkable dining locale designed by TORTUE.

The enchantment of the TORTUE Experience extends beyond our hotel walls. Perfectly positioned amidst the labyrinth of Hamburg's scenic canals, between the iconic Stadthaus bridge and the extravagant allure of Grosse Bleichen and Neuer Wall, TORTUE is the ideal launchpad for city exploration. Discover the architectural marvel that is the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, the historic charm of the Speicherstadt warehouse complex, the artistic prowess of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, and the maritime heritage at the International Maritime Museum - all a stroll from the hotel.


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