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GlobeAir is proud to collaborate with École Ducasse, a prestigious institution born from Chef Alain Ducasse's vision. Celebrating over two decades of culinary mastery, École Ducasse has carved a niche in the world of gastronomic education, driven by an unwavering commitment to the craft and innovation.

The partnership between GlobeAir and École Ducasse invites our esteemed clientele to embark on exclusive culinary adventures that combine luxury travel with world-class gastronomy, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Meudon near Paris.

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Experience Chef Alain Ducasse's unparalleled culinary world with GlobeAir. Book your next culinary adventure, participate in unique workshops, or dine at the exquisite Adour Restaurant. Our team is ready to ensure your visit is nothing short of spectacular.

École Ducasse, 16-20 Av. du Maréchal Juin, 92190 Meudon

About École Ducasse

Since its foundation in 1999, École Ducasse has become internationally renowned in teaching culinary and pastry arts, driven by the vision and energy of the iconic chef Alain Ducasse. At Ecole Ducasse Paris Campus, our mission is to train managers, entrepreneurs and citizen chefs of tomorrow.

In our brand-new campus of 5,000 m², located in Meudon near Paris, we welcome young future chefs, career changers and professionals but also guests in our gastronomic restaurant Adour, our Boutique for seminars, teambuildings or exclusive activities!

It is an unexpected place to host all your events and a real immersion in the Alain Ducasse universe.

Gastronomy at Adour Restaurant

A Culinary Symphony Of Contemporary Flavours

Located at the heart of École Ducasse Paris Campus in Meudon, Restaurant Adour is a leader of contemporary gastronomy under the expert management of celebrated chefs Jacques Maximin and Guillaume Katola. The restaurant represents Chef Alain Ducasse's philosophy of providing nourishing, high-quality meals crafted with simplicity and sustainability.

Here, every dish tells a story, and seasonal menus reflect a commitment to Alain Ducasse's rich culinary heritage and the latest in sustainable practices.

This unique setting serves as both a practical platform for culinary students and a culinary delight for guests, ensuring each dish is crafted with educational precision and gastronomic innovation. The restaurant's operational standards are of the highest calibre, providing a real-world application of the students' culinary education.

The interior, designed by the renowned Jouin Manku firm, combines contemporary elegance with personal touches from Alain Ducasse's collection. Custom furniture and sophisticated design elements create an inviting atmosphere, ideal for leisurely lunches or intimate dinners.

Whether enjoying a business lunch, a romantic dinner, or celebrating a special occasion, the ambience at Adour enhances every visit.

Tailored Workshops for the Connoisseur

Exclusive Culinary Experiences Tailored for You

Our unique partnership unlocks bespoke culinary experiences and workshops meticulously designed to cater to varied tastes and interests. Whether you are looking to refine your cooking skills, explore new flavours, or indulge in gourmet pleasures, GlobeAir and École Ducasse offer the perfect setting:

  • Mixology Workshop: Step into the vibrant world of mixology, where creativity meets craft. This workshop allows you to understand the nuances of cocktail preparation, from classic recipes to contemporary twists, all under the expert guidance of professional mixologists. Engage in a spirited contest to create the ultimate cocktail, making this an ideal choice for a refreshing team-building exercise or a lively personal celebration.
  • Sommelier Workshop: Journey through the rich terrains of global vineyards with our sommelier-led workshop. Discover the subtleties of wine varietals, learn the language of tasting notes, and gain the confidence to discuss wine with poise at any social gathering. This workshop is not just about tasting but also about becoming conversant in the culture of wine.
  • Cheese Tasting Workshop: Led by the acclaimed Ludovic Bisot, this workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the world of cheeses. Beyond tasting, you'll learn about the heritage and production secrets that define the finest cheeses. This experience promises a deep dive into rare and celebrated cheeses' textures, flavours, and histories.
  • Oyster Tasting Workshop: Perfect for seafood lovers, this hands-on workshop educates you on the diverse profiles of French oysters. From sourcing to shucking, taste and learn about the different breeds, textures, and flavours of oysters. Pair this experience with a fine wine for an enhanced tasting journey.
  • Fruits and Vegetables Sculpting Workshop: Create art from nature under the guidance of Olivier Herbomel. This unique workshop transcends traditional cooking classes, offering a creative outlet to sculpt beautiful designs from fresh produce. It is ideal for those looking to add an artistic flair to their culinary skills.


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