The Bicester Collection

The Bicester Collection

GlobeAir expands in the luxury shopping experiences industry

GlobeAir announces an expansion to its partnerships with the addition of The Bicester Collection, a family of 11 luxury open-air shopping destinations across Europe and China – all located an hour or less from some of the world’s most celebrated cities.

GlobeAir has recently specialised in developing luxury experiences encompassing every aspect of the guest’s journey. Today, affluent private jet passengers can hire a private jet charter, including luxury accommodation, and combine a trip with exclusive activities tailored to their needs. The strategic fit between the two companies is represented by the intention to provide all-in-one luxury experiences for customers providing the highest level of service at all times.

The Bicester Collection’s destinations are located within reach of many of the world's most important cities, including London, Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Antwerp, Cologne, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Shanghai and Suzhou. GlobeAir, the leading private jet company in Europe, is glad to be developing a set of bespoke travel solutions to fly passengers to the Villages and bring them back home safely at the end of an enjoyable shopping day.

“We’re delighted to partner with GlobeAir. Through our like-minded approach to delivering superior service and exceptional value, The Bicester Collection, together with GlobeAir’s excellent network, presents our distinguished guests with extraordinary access to the world’s most desirable brands through a luxury shopping experience unlike any other, says Marcelo Molinari, Global Director, Partnerships and Destination Marketing at The Bicester Collection

Whilst being immersed in the Villages’ beautiful settings and cultural richness, discerning guests can enjoy an unprecedented brand mix that includes likes of Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and many more, with remarkable savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price.

Partnering with The Bicester Collection makes us proud, as we regard them as the excellence of luxury shopping. The devotion they put in providing their guests with unique pieces of fashion and incredibly private shopping experiences makes it easy for GlobeAir to regard them as a strategic fit. It is with confidence that we believe that this partnership will lead to the creation of new extraordinary experiences for GlobeAir's customers, says GlobeAir's partnership manager Jean-Eudes Fauville

The Villages offer refined restaurants, a host of five-star guest services. Plus, with a new Virtual Shopping service guests are now able to explore collections from their favourite Village boutiques from the comfort of their homes.

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