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FLM Luxury Rent and GlobeAir

Luxury car rental creating extraordinary opportunities for adventure

GlobeAir is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with FLM Luxury Rent that will give our customers access to an unprecedented range of sports and luxury car rental services. We offer you an immersive experience that will provide you with a new way of experiencing your destination.

Make your journey more thrilling by booking a supercar experience with GlobeAir and FLM Luxury Rent.

About FLM Luxury Rent

Making the difference is our daily focus

With over ten years of experience in the automotive sector, we have founded our company intending to create a unique reality in the world of luxury rental in Europe.

Through a constantly updated fleet of vehicles, we want to be the answer to the needs of a selected target of customers looking for refined cars for every day, for a business trip or to let themselves be carried away by exclusivity and performance in your own free time, in your holidays or those days they will never forget.

We dedicate a large part of our business to selecting customers, offering a combination of excellent services and being versatile to act as a facilitator of the needs of those who choose us.

Luxury Services for a truely bespoke experience

The Key Points

Renting a luxury item means delivering an experience and an emotion into a person's hands, an indelible feature of time that will remain in a customer's memory through the five senses.

  • To make the experience unique, we have developed specific services:
  • Preparation of cars with the highest standards
  • Drop off vehicles on-site or in the desired private airport
  • Experience centre to combine rental with a unique experience
  • Customer welcome kit
  • 365 days available 24 hours
  • Delivery in Italy and Sardinia, Swiss, Southern France, Germany, Austria

Our fleet comprises vehicles from the world's most trusted car manufacturers. We offer the most current models of vehicles made by the most important car manufacturers. At each rental, we check the vehicle's condition, restoring its state of use to perfection to give our customers the feeling of approaching a new vehicle. This is our fleet with fast sedans, luxury cars, sports cars and refined SUVs.

GlobeAir and FLM Luxury Rent: the reasons behind the partnership

GlobeAir is proud to partner with FLM Luxury Rent, whose passion for luxury travel matches our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for all our clients.

''Successful partnerships are made possible by the people who create them, transforming customers' experiences and creating memories while inspiring them. For this reason, we believe 2022 is the correct year to forge an important partnership with GlobeAir.'' Luca Franchi, Partnership and Sales at FLM Luxury Rent

GlobeAir is excited about providing sport car enthusiasts with unique demands the opportunity to enjoy exclusive driving experiences and luxury travel opportunities across Europe.

''Only by working together with trust and a shared vision can partnerships flourish. We have created one such partnership with FLM Luxury Rent, offering their clients the convenience of our Private Jet Charters and our clients the opportunity to elevate their driving experience.'' Jean-Eudes Fauville, Partnership and Event Manager at GlobeAir

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