DEGELER and GlobeAir

Successful partnerships are made from quality and efficiency

We are proud to be partnering with DEGELER to provide optimum bespoke quality luggage solutions for the discerning traveller. Like GlobeAir, DEGELER starts where others stop by going to extremes to make effortless travelling achievable. The dream of the perfect piece of luggage drives DEGELER. In order to achieve this, the family makes no compromises. Neither in development nor in production. Extraordinary quality is the goal that unites everyone.

DEGELER: Uncompromised quality and workmanship

Two generations working together to bring you timeless luggage solutions

Father and son are combining two generations in timeless designed products. The supple surfaces of soft leathers define simple, distinctive contours and transform everyday experiences into intense moments. Quality, functionality combined in a puristic, timeless design is what defines each and every DEGELER product.

About DEGELER & GlobeAir

Excellent flying experiences need to be coupled with excellent products. That is why GlobeAir has chosen the DEGELER quality solutions to offer bespoke experiences to our discerning customers.

GlobeAir shares the belief that travel is about where you go and what you carry, emphasizing individuality and quality. We work with DEGELER to create a partnership which upholds this idea in our passengers' minds Jean-Eudes Fauville, GlobeAir's Partnership Manager.

At the same time, the DEGELER company finds value in partnering with GlobeAir as its appreciators are people and travellers who look for the most refined tastes when it comes to choosing their luggage solutions.

“DEGELER is delighted to be working in partnership with GlobeAir, whose values we are proud to share. With our combined commitment to quality and efficiency, this combination of GlobeAir and DEGELER forms a successful collaboration DEGELER CEO, Frank B. Degeler

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