About APPLETINIES & GlobeAir

A partnership rooted in passion and excellence

GlobeAir is excited to unveil a great partnership with Appletinies, renowned for their artisanal apple-based confections. This collaboration marks a new era in our quest to elevate the in-flight experience, seamlessly merging the efficiency of private jet travel with the sophisticated pleasure of gourmet indulgences.

In a perfect fusion of luxury and sweetness, GlobeAir is honoured to collaborate with Appletinis. This brand, rooted in the warmth of a mother's affection and a son's desire for a unique treat, has evolved into an international culinary marvel. Appletinies' distinctive flavour profiles are an ideal match for the refined ambience of a GlobeAir flight.

Appletinies: A Symphony of Flavours

About Appletinies

Appletinies is the perfect choice to make your magical journey with GlobeAir private jets even sweeter. Appletinies is a global business based in Austria founded in 2016 by Mrs Sonja Wilfling and her son, Mr Lukas Wilfling, with a passionate history behind it. It all started with Sonja Wilfling, who wanted to treat her son Lukas, who had food allergies since childhood, with a delicious treat he could tolerate.

Appletinies are a perfect little treat made from 100% organic ingredients, with nothing else added except love and passion for living in harmony with nature and the desire to offer people a treat they can enjoy even if they have food intolerances. Grown in Austria in the province of Styria, nestled in lush and green rolling hills – the juicy apples are hand-picked, dried to perfection, dipped in chocolate and carefully put in our beautifully designed packaging.

Appletinies provide a pleasant taste, evoking childhood memories.

Why GlobeAir chooses Appletinies

A shared vision for excellence

GlobeAir has collaborated with Appletinies to introduce a dimension of artisanal delight to our flights. This partnership celebrates the extraordinary, where the delight of culinary craftsmanship complements every journey.

''We are excited to partner with Appletinies, a brand that mirrors our commitment to providing our passengers and clients with an extraordinary experience. With their rich history and organic purity, this partnership allows us to enhance our in-flight experience with a touch of gourmet indulgence.'' Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir Founder & CEO.

In this collaboration, Appletinies sees a reflection of their values – a dedication to excellence and a celebration of the extraordinary. They recognise that GlobeAir's clientele has a discerning palate that seeks out and savours the exceptional.

''We are incredibly proud to collaborate with GlobeAir and to have the opportunity to serve its discerning passengers. Introducing our unique, organic delights to a discerning audience is a privilege, adding a special touch to their flying experience. GlobeAir's passengers will appreciate the care and authenticity that go into every serving of Appletinies.'' Lukas Wilfling, Appletinies Managing Director

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