GlobeAir's fleet is fully ADS-B compliant

GlobeAir is fully Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped

GlobeAir is proud to announce that its entire fleet comprising 20 Cessna Citation Mustang jets, is now fully equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out or ADS-B Out capabilities.

Thanks to the great work of GlobeAir's maintenance team, airworthiness team and our aircraft engineers, we are amongst the few operators who have adjusted to this cost-effective surveillance technology seamlessly to ensure the highest safety standards within aviation.

What is ADS-B?: Understanding all its functionalities

Basically it is an additional piece of equipment integrated into the aircraft avionic systems using the already existing transponder technology but enhancing it tremendously.

ADS-B is the surveillance technology for which the aircraft uses a certified position source to determine its position while broadcasting it in short intervals through a data link in the radio frequency spectrum. This definition, given directly by the technology developers, sums up the ADS-B Out functionality.

ADS-B enhances safety and additional situational awareness. It also contributes to more efficient spacing and optimal instrument flight routing. This is a good step forward also for environmental improvements", says GlobeAir's Vice President Flight Operations Diego Durjava.

Conversely, an aircraft with an ADS-B receiver – processor to display the detected ADS-B transmissions from other aircraft to the pilot, is said to be equipped with the ADS-B In.

"In order to fly in this busy airspace, some clearance was needed – all the data that was received until now was simply not enough; there was the need for an improvement. Moving from the Initial Mode A transponders to Mode C to the Mode S means getting more and more information to be communicated within the airspace. Every single improvement in this direction helps to get a clearer picture and safer airspace," says GlobeAir's Continuing Airworthiness Manager Nikola Vlasic.

What are the features of the ADS-B?

Each ADS-B Out equipped aircraft automatically transmits accurate position reports, with integrity, every second, to Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other aircraft. This may reduce separation minimum for equipped aircraft and allow more aircraft to follow the most efficient flight trajectory.

  • Automatic: A system that works independently of pilot or controller initiation.
  • Dependent: A system that is dependent upon the use of the aircraft's position.
  • Surveillance: A traffic awareness system collaborating data between aircraft and ATC and between the aircraft themselves.
  • Broadcast: A system relying upon wide-area broadcast for any user to receive and display (if their plane has ADS-B In built-in).

What is ADS-B In? If installed, ADS-B In allows an aircraft to receive and display ADS-B information providing a display of surrounding traffic, rather like your own on-board air traffic controller display. ADS-B In also provides the flight crew with a no-charge FAA TIS-B (Traffic Information Service-Broadcast) feature. We are proud to be doing our part in moving forward towards the transformation of the European surveillance infrastructure.

"As market leader it is important to invest in the latest technology to ensure the highest level of safety for our customers, passengers and crew. It is our mission to have safety as our main focus above everything else. Personally I am very proud of my team regarding the process of upgrading and implementation. At no point was there any issue to resolve, all processes went very smoothly even though it was a challenging project. This is another great achievement for my DreamTeam" states Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir

About GlobeAir

With more than 50% of the market share, GlobeAir is Europe’s leader in the entry-level private jet sector, including a premium experience. With 160 employees (80 pilots), the company generates about 96 per cent of its revenues abroad. GlobeAir is available 24/7 all over Europe with 21 private jets connecting European cities like London, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Nice, and Milan with small airfields that are difficult to reach, such as St. Moritz or Lugano and 950 more. The company has succeeded through dedication and by offering bespoke service before, during and after the flight. Charter rates start from € 4,400, and empty legs from € 990.

*Prices per Cessna Citation Mustang Jet

Published on December 29, 2020, updated on December 30, 2020


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