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Meet Martin, CEO of STEININGER

Building visions

STEININGER is an Austrian family-run design manufacture that designs, plans, and realises timeless architectural and interior solutions with a luxurious slant.

“Minimalism is not a trend, but an attitude.”

Chief designer Martin Steininger stands for purist lines, with clear edges and corners. He is a minimalist for whom reduction is a stylistic device that runs through all his designs, whether furniture; interiors, or architecture.

Building the exceptional

Purist, luxurious and functional

Customers experience a harmonious overall concept from a single source - from the planning of room, colour and lighting to the production of kitchens, furniture and accessories.

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He draws inspiration from nature, art, and architecture. His role models are Adolf Loos, Josef Hofmann, Walter Gropius, and Achille Castiglioni. Donald Judd, promoter of Minimalist Art, has also inf­luenced him. As a Creative Director, he designs everything himself, preferably with pen and paper.

“Good design is sharp; unobtrusive, timeless. The concept of form following function has its place, but my personal antithesis would be that aesthetics ARE function! After all, objects have to be pleasing. We take it for granted that they will function, other wise there would be no point in the product”, says Steininger.

Steininger supplement our own high-quality collection with design pieces from international brands. Whether residential, retail, hotel or office. Their room concepts inspire with timelessness, subtle colours, exquisite materials and refined details. They are places of well-being and domiciles with atmosphere, created to stay.


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+43 (7221) 727400

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