GlobeAir Performance 2023

A Year In Numbers

GlobeAir Flight Performance In 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, we at GlobeAir reflect on a year of remarkable achievements and celebrate a significant milestone: our 15th anniversary in the world of Business Aviation. Last year has been doubly special, marking a decade and a half of our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled travel experiences.

2023 was a pivotal year for global business aviation, signalling a market adjustment with a 3% decrease in flight activity from the previous year yet showcasing resilience with a 15% increase over pre-pandemic levels. This period of recalibration, influenced by global economic conditions and regional conflicts, still marked a compound annual growth rate of 3.4% over four years. Meanwhile, Europe saw a 7% decline in activity from 2022.

Amidst Europe's challenges, including economic factors and geopolitical tensions, GlobeAir's agility and strategic planning stood out.

Despite the ever-changing tides of travel trends, such as the 'revenge travel' surge of 2022, our performance last year has been a shining example of resilience and adaptability. The year 2023 hasn't just been about maintaining our high standards; it has been about strategic growth and thoughtful innovation, laying new paths for the future.

As we delve into the past year's highlights, we also celebrate the milestones that have shaped GlobeAir's successful journey over a decade and a half. Join us in commemorating these moments, and we are looking forward to continuing our story of excellence.

1. Flight Hours

The sky is the limit

In 2023, GlobeAir achieved a significant operational milestone, recording 12,376.85 flight hours. This figure is a testament to our functional capacity and a tangible measure of our global reach. To put this into a broader context, it is the equivalent of circumnavigating the globe 283 times or undertaking 29 round trips to the moon. These comparisons illustrate the extensive scope of our operations over the past year.

Interestingly, the average flight time of our passenger flights was 1.3 hours.

2. Passengers

A growing community

In the past year, GlobeAir welcomed over 12,592 passengers on board our flights. This significant number of passengers reflects our expanding reach and underscores our clients' trust and confidence in our services.

GlobeAir proudly introduced 945 new first-time travellers or "converters" to the world of business aviation as they chose GlobeAir for their first private jet experience.

3. Pets

GlobeAir is the first choice for flying with pets

In 2023, GlobeAir proudly welcomed almost 1,287 pets onboard, a testament to our reputation as the premier choice for passengers travelling with their beloved furry companions. This number reflects our commitment to providing a 'pawsome' experience for all our passengers.

GlobeAir is proud to say that we flew your pets on 21% of all our passenger flights.

4. Top Destinations

Your favourite destinations were...

We charted a course to some of the world's most popular destinations, showcasing our commitment to providing bespoke travel experiences. In 2023, Nice, Paris and Geneva remained the top three travel destinations.

GlobeAir is proud to say that we operated in over 329 different airports in 2023.

Interestingly, our busiest days of the year to fly were the 25th and 30th of July 2023, with 33 passengers flights per day, respectively.

5. Top City Pairs

The most flown city pairs in 2023

Consequently, our top city pairs in 2023 have been:

  • Paris - Nice
  • Nice - Paris
  • Geneva - Paris

Friday emerged as the most popular day for flights, accounting for 16% of our total flights, followed closely by Thursday (15.5%) and Wednesday (15%). 13h00 remained the most popular departure time.

6. Enhanced Services

Bespoke conceirge services

In 2023, GlobeAir passengers experienced luxury travel with our tailored, one-of-a-kind travel services.

GlobeAir delighted the palates of our passengers with customised catering orders on 1,245 flights. This service, a favourite among our discerning passengers, is a culinary experience tailored to the tastes and preferences of our discerning clientele.

Reflecting the seamless luxury of GlobeAir, our exclusive limousine service was utilised 945 times, ensuring a seamless and comfortable travel experience for our passengers from the runway to their final destination.

Our commitment to unparalleled luxury and convenience soared to new heights with 54 helicopter transfers. This service exemplifies GlobeAir's pursuit of offering an all-encompassing travel experience.

7. Website quotes and WhatsApp Conversations

Staying connected and committed

In a remarkable show of customer engagement, GlobeAir processed over 170,854 travel requests and quotes in 2023 via our diverse booking platforms. In 2023, our 24/7 sales and concierge team expertly managed over 46,000 messages through WhatsApp.

In 2023, our clients booked their flights on average 1 day in advance using our digital platforms. This statistic again proves that GlobeAir can create quality time and bespoke experiences at a moment's notice. Our seamless booking system allows for quick charter or empty-leg flight reservations and offers the cutting-edge option of paying with cryptocurrencies.

8. Partner Charters

Expanding horizons to even more destinations

In 2023, GlobeAir expertly orchestrated 297 partner charters, showcasing our dynamic network and commitment to versatile travel solutions. This milestone exemplifies our expansive reach in private aviation, featuring a variety of jets like the Citation XLS+, the Embraer Phenom 300 and more, catering to the diverse preferences of our clients.

Some of our partner charter destinations include Inari, Finland, New Jersey, USA and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, showing our diverse range of airports available.

9. Champagne

Elevated indulgence for an exclusive travel experience

Last year, GlobeAir elevated the art of luxury travel, with our passengers enjoying over 4,850 bottles of champagne on board our #MyPrivateJet. This impressive number mirrors our commitment to delivering a luxury and exclusive travel experience, blending the refined taste of the perfect champagne with the unmatched luxury of private aviation.

Continuing our tradition, Taittinger Champagne graced the glasses of all our guests. It's standing as a global icon in luxury champagnes perfectly complements GlobeAir's ethos, where every detail of your flight is meticulously curated for excellence.

10. Jet Card Hours

The first choice for my bespoke experience

Jet card members utilised 994 hours of flight time, highlighting the value and convenience of this exclusive membership.

This substantial figure highlights the exceptional value created by our exclusive membership and showcases its unparalleled efficiency. Each hour flown is a testament to the seamless and personalised travel experiences that our The DreamTeam JetCard program guarantees, affirming its status as a preferred choice for discerning travellers.


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