10 Tips for your first private jet flight

A Beginner's Guide to Private Jet Charters

Exploring the world of Private Aviation

Stepping into private aviation changes your travel experience. It is a leap away from traditional, stressful commercial aviation.

If you are travelling for business or leisure, the attraction of private aviation extends far beyond the confines of standard air travel. You can quickly reach smaller regional airports and avoid crowded city hubs. There is no need to go through lengthy security procedures or cope with hectic traffic.

We have created a guide to help you with this exciting transition. It covers private aviation's advantages and unique features for your first private jet flight.

1. Optimal arrival time

What time should you arrive at the airport?

One of the many benefits of private aviation is the significant reduction in pre-flight wait times. With Globeair, you benefit from a boarding time of only 15 minutes. Let your jet provider know when you plan to arrive, especially if you're early or later by more than 15 minutes.

This also ensures the Crew can coordinate efficiently with Air Traffic Control to avoid unexpected delays. At certain airports, a wait of 15-30 minutes is all you need before boarding your private jet. However, arriving as promptly as possible is advisable if you're a guest on the flight.

2. What to wear on a private jet?

Dress code etiquette for Private Aviation

The world of private aviation is free from strict dress code norms. Your attire should mirror the purpose of your journey and the company you keep.

Casual wear is perfectly acceptable for trips with friends or family. In a professional setting or as a guest, business attire is appropriate. Ladies might find lower heels or flats more comfortable due to the aircraft's movements during the flight.

3. Required identification for your private jet flight

What do you need to show at the airport?

A valid Identification Card (or passport for international travel) is required to book your private jet charter. Your provider will guide you on any necessary Visa requirements. A passenger manifest is created to record the flight's passengers, with identities checked at the Fixed-Base Operator (FBO).

For international flights, ensure you have all the documentation for a seamless customs and immigration process. The benefit of private jet travel is that these procedures can often be quick, but they still require the correct paperwork.

4. Luggage and baggage capacity for a Private Jet flight

How much luggage can you bring on a private jet?

Unlike commercial flights, the world of private jets is less restrictive regarding luggage. However, The absence of baggage restrictions on private jets doesn't mean unlimited space. The available space can become cramped, especially when travelling with multiple passengers, so a medium size carry-on is recommended.

Different aircraft have varying cargo capacities, so consult your provider if you have special cargo or baggage-related queries.

5. Can you drive directly to your private jet?

The luxury of easy boarding and exclusive access

Imagine a world without the need for navigating overcrowded airport parking spaces. In private aviation, your jet provider can facilitate direct drive-up to your aircraft. Should you desire to take the wheel, your car can be arranged to deliver you right up to your boarding point.

6. In-flight Services on a Private Jet

Do private jets offer unique amenities?

One of the main perks of private aviation is the in-flight services. You can often request specific meals, drinks, and amenities. If you have specific dietary needs or preferences, most operators will accommodate these.

Private charter flights take onboard catering to new heights, including fully stocked open bars with champagne on many executive jets.

7. Interacting with the Flight Crew

Engaging with the Crew during the flight

Private aviation offers unique privileges, including engaging with pilots during flight. However, it's crucial to remember that engaging in a conversation is only appropriate once the aircraft has comfortably reached cruising altitude.

The essence of a superior flight experience is anchored in the professionalism and dedication of the flight crew. The Crew work tirelessly to ensure your journey is smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable.

8. Understanding tipping in Private Aviation

Navigating gratuities policies

Tipping policies vary across charter companies. Recognising exceptional service is about more than just the money. Often, your heartfelt expression of gratitude may carry more weight and deliver a stronger impact than a monetary gift.

Still, if you prefer offering a monetary tip, there is a general guideline to follow. An amount between €50- €100 per flight is generally considered suitable, allowing you to express gratitude while respecting industry norms.

9. Emphasising safety in Private Jet Charters flights

Prioritising safety in your private jet charter selection

Choosing a jet charter goes beyond comfort and luxury; it's about safety. Ensure your chosen company has a strong safety record. This vital detail should always be taken into account.

When choosing a reputable operator like GlobeAir, you can request an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This necessary certificate allows the commercial use of aircraft and outlines their operation specifics. A valid AOC assures that the operator adheres to stringent industry safety standards.

10. Enjoy your first private jet flight experience

Immerse Yourself in the Journey

Finally, allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the journey. Private jet travel is synonymous with unequalled comfort, privacy, and luxury. Take the time to absorb the experience, exclusivity, and attention to detail that defines private aviation.


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