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Il San Corrado di Noto resort in Sicily is an incredible example of luxury travel that has been redefined to offer guests a new concept of space and freedom. Located in the Val di Noto in the heart of the Meditterean, this resort was once a fortified farmhouse belonging to Prince Nicolaci. Still, today it has been transformed into a stunning hideaway in perfect harmony with nature.

The property has been created with people in mind with strong connections to the natural environment. The resort is a true reflection of the rich cultural history of Sicily, representing the millennia of history and tradition that make Sicily a unique and special place.

At Il San Corrado di Noto, guests will find a veritable Olympus on earth, where every Greek God seems to have left their mark. The resort is a destination of choice, offering guests the highest level of luxury in a stunning setting. With its idyllic location, this resort is a true gem that will leave visitors captivated and wanting more.

The resort is also the perfect base for those seeking adventure, with private tours to historic towns and cities, rugged coastlines, and secret coves. Visitors can explore the stunning baroque architecture and ancient ruins in towns like Noto, Modica, and Ragusa or take a boat to the nearby island of Capo Passero.

What is included in your Package:

  • Private jet flight (roundtrip) to Catania Airport
  • Transfer from the airport to the Il San Corrado di Noto resort
  • For a minimum stay of two nights, you can choose from 26 Suites, with two featuring a private pool or one of the eight private Villas, all with private pools and 250sqm patios.
  • Breakfast for two is served at the restaurant or in the comfort of your Suite
  • Signature couples massage for two people in the Wellness Area
  • Gastronomic dinner at Principe di Belludia (drinks not included)
  • On-demand private guided Mount Etna & Wine tour, including light lunch
  • Free access to the Il San Corrado di Noto Beach Club

Contrada Belludia SP51 Noto (SR) - 96017

starting from €4,900 *
(BTC 0.1204)

* flights excluded, for two people for two nights

Luxurious accommodations at Il San Corrado di Noto

Choose your favourite Suite or Villa and experience the best of Sicilian hospitality

At Il San Corrado di Noto resort, luxury reaches a new level with a range of spacious and stylish Suites and Villas. The resort is surrounded by regal olive trees, palms, and orange trees, creating a stunning setting in the Val di Noto, where every inch is sculpted to perfection by the light. The Villas and Suites perfectly fit this dreamy environment, offering every guest the utmost privacy and freedom.

Upon arrival, the first thing that catches your eye is the refined collection of contemporary furnishings in each Suite and Villa. The majestic surfaces and fabrics echo the resort's obsession with harmony. The rooms are airy and spacious, providing the perfect escape and a new meaning to luxury. Time and space are pressed into the impeccable service to meet every guest's needs, making it an unforgettable experience.

The 26 Suites available at Il San Corrado di Noto are a perfect blend of tradition and sublime comfort, reflecting the authenticity and beauty of Sicily. The Suites feature a spacious private patio, and two boast a private pool. Each Suite is a work of art created by the masters of architecture and landscape, offering a stunning view of the surrounding environment.

For those seeking even more privacy, the eight Villas available are perfect. Each Villa boasts a private pool and a patio of over 250 sq.m. The meticulous attention to detail involves all five senses, enveloping guests like precious fabric. The scent of the Mediterranean soothes the nose, while the silence soothes the ears, and the horizon dazzles the eyes.

Discover the Ultimate Culinary Experience

Celebrate the richness and diversity of Sicilian gastronomy

Il San Corrado di Noto resort offers an innovative and exciting journey through Sicilian gastronomic culture. The resort presents a new definition of taste, where diners are the leading players, not passive recipients. The food and drink mission reflects the local territory's most original, genuine, and astonishing elements.

The Principe di Belludia gourmet restaurant takes guests on a journey through the rich and diverse Sicilian gastronomic culture. It showcases culinary art as a unique, indulgent experience capable of transforming and renewing life.

Step into Osteria Casa Pasta and take a gastronomic journey through Sicilian culture, where centuries of tradition and countless historical events and influences are celebrated in every dish. This authentic Sicilian Osteria is a masterpiece, with each dish being a typical, genuine, and astonishing expression of the land of Trinacria. Indulge in a thousand varieties of cooking in one place and savour the diverse and bold flavours that make Sicilian cuisine unique.

At Il San Corrado di Noto, the resort's luxurious cellar is a prestigious wine cellar within the resort. Crossing the threshold of the winery is like entering an authentic temple of wine, offering the best Italian productions, including the most selected and prestigious wine cellars of Sicily, to give guests an original sensory journey among the rows of vines of the peninsula.

The Pool Bar is a refined gem where guests can sip a cocktail while watching the sunset. With a perfect location that immerses guests in the lush quiet of the ancient Masseria of Prince Nicolaci, the Pool Bar is an ideal place to experience the most authentic meaning of relaxation. Guests can taste their favourite international cocktails made by the expert hands of the bartenders or be amazed by new combinations, ideas, and flavours.

An oasis of regeneration

Innovative concept of sport and wellness

Il San Corrado di Noto is the perfect destination for your wellness and sports holidays in Sicily. This regenerating oasis offers total privacy, quiet, and intoxicating scents, making it an ideal escape from the frenetic rhythms of everyday life. Set like a gem in the heart of Val di Noto, the ancient Masseria of Principe Nicolaci houses Suites and Villas that will serve as your base for wellness routes and outdoor activities.

The resort is designed to offer an innovative concept of wellness, where freedom, privacy, and complete immersion in a stunning natural setting take centre stage. The wellness experience begins inside the resort, where luxury services have been developed to guarantee maximum health and balance of the psyche and physique.

The Yoga pavilion and Spa are at the centre of the wellness area, providing guests with the beneficial effects of meditation and mindfulness practices, massages, and complete relaxation. The gym is fully equipped with Technogym tools, and a personal trainer is always available to offer advice and direction. Two swimming pools, including a lap pool, guarantee maximum relaxation and invigoration, while the tennis court strengthens psychological and physical well-being.

The surrounding area offers endless possibilities for outdoor activities, from the enchanting seabed on the eastern coasts, perfect for diving and snorkelling, to the western beaches that provide an opportunity to sail on the sea. The naturalistic paths offer a range of activities such as hiking, climbing, and running in close contact with the earth. The resort offers tailor-made holidays, allowing explorers to try their hand at quads or jeeps on unexplored paths, face gorges and rivers, and climb rocky walls.

Close your eyes and imagine being here.

The Beach Club

Take advantage of your private beach experience

Guests are treated to a complimentary transfer service from the lush countryside to the private beach club. Sink your toes into the soft white sand and bask in the crystal-clear waters of the gulf, which is one of Italy's most stunning stretches of coastline.

The lush vegetation of the promontories gradually merges into the opal reflections of the beach and the Caribbean sea. This superb natural landscape is a true masterpiece; every detail has been thoughtfully crafted like a piece of fine jewellery.

Relax in complete privacy as the soothing sounds of the sea regenerate and restore your well-being. Every guest is provided with two sunbeds, an umbrella, and two towels, with reserved showers and a snack bar conveniently close to every cot.

Come and experience the ultimate luxury and exclusivity at Il San Corrado di Noto, the perfect escape for the discerning traveller seeking a one-of-a-kind experience in Sicily.


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