Experience the getaway of your dreams in the Principality of Monaco

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A romantic break, moments of pure relaxation, culinary delights, a prestige shopping trip.... Experience all of this and much more in Monaco, whether you come for a weekend, or opt to stay a few days longer.

A stay in the Principality is the perfect choice for a unique, truly memorable getaway in a destination like no other. There are so many unforgettable experiences to savour, from moments of pure well-being in the finest spas to sumptuous dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, the most luxurious hotel suites, and even helicopter rides to admire it all from the air. Truly, a getaway in Monaco promises magical moments.

Whether you come as a couple, with family, or friends, our little Mediterranean paradise is the ideal place to live the moment to the full. Relax and enjoy. And in these times when pure hedonism is becoming harder to find, the Principality invites you to treat yourself to all kinds of unmissable events, from the biggest international sports meetings to unique cultural highlights.

For over a century, nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco has been a symbol of luxury and glamour, known for its safe and peaceful atmosphere, constantly re-inventing itself while preserving its distinctive identity. And if the Principality has so much to offer, it’s because we know how to be the perfect hosts. That’s what makes it the perfect destination for the getaway of your dreams!

Key facts and figures on Monaco

Did you know?

  • Unlike most nations, Monaco is one of the rare countries where its citizens are fewer than the foreign residents. There are only 9300 Monégasques versus a whopping 38 600 residents from all corners of the world. Monégasques only represent 24 % of the total population of Monaco.
  • Talking about our cherished residents, they constitute a beautifully diverse demographic in Monaco, coming from 139 different countries out of all 193 countries worldwide. Our Principality has become the home to so much diversity and culture and we are proud to carry this badge.
  • We also pride ourselves on our guarantee of safety and service while you stay with us in Monaco, and to achieve that, we enrol over 1,5 police officers per 100 inhabitants, making Monaco one of the safest cities in the world.
  • Very few other places can boast about having 300 days of sunshine a year! Monaco is your sunny haven when things get gloomy elsewhere.
  • Urban landscapes do not have to mean the absence of nature! Monaco makes for a peaceful place to be with over 20% of its territory covered with green spaces.
  • History is rich in Monaco, Prince Albert II took the throne in 2005, continuing over 700 years of Grimaldi Reign. This wealth of history and culture can be witnessed in almost every inch of the 2.1km square nation.
  • Last but not least, although History is essential to Monaco, so is looking towards the future. A sustainable future that is. Indeed, our sovereign Prince has committed the nation to a 2050 carbon-neutral goal that all sectors of the Principality are striving to meet.

Once you have chosen to spend your holidays in Monaco, there is a multitude of ways to enjoy what the Principality has to offer! To this effect, Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority have created specific itineraries catered to your every need and aspiration. Indeed, however you travel to Monaco, as a family, as newlyweds, as friends looking for fun or as seasoned romantic partners, Monaco will exceed your expectations.

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A lot of gifts will be awaiting those who celebrate the glitz and glamour, with the same warmth and style with which we distinguish ourselves.

''The partnership strives to develop Monaco as the desirable destination for leisure and business travellers. We invite the world’s most influential travellers to visit Monaco, full of rich cultural heritage and tradition and discover the beauty and diversity. By partnering with GlobeAir, we are enhancing the connection between private aviation and tourism in Monaco.'' says Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority

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