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Experience seamless luxury with SennAir Helicopter & GlobeAir

Since 2020, SennAir Helicopter and GlobeAir have joined forces to forge unforgettable experiences, offering our clients safe, exclusive, and time-efficient travel opportunities. This alliance elevates our clients' travel experiences to unparalleled heights, delivering a seamless and luxurious transfer journey.

With this collaboration, clients can indulge in the ultimate convenience of effortlessly transitioning from our GlobeAir private jets to their final destinations while savouring the sumptuousness and exclusivity of a private helicopter transfer or excursion.

With the combination of our private jets and SennAir's helicopters, travellers will now have unparalleled access to remote and exclusive destinations, and GlobeAir clients will be able to experience the freedom to explore hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations.

Recognising the importance of time, our collaboration with SennAir Helicopter empowers us to further maximise our clients' valuable moments. Travellers will be able to bypass the inconvenience of ground transportation and arrive at their destination with unmatched efficiency and ease.

About SennAir Helicopter

Arrive in style with SennAir

SennAir Helicopter provides VIP helicopter flights all over Europe and makes your flight an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in a memorable flight experience and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a short moment.

SennAir Helicopter offers VIP helicopter shuttles, B2B service, experience flights and individual concierge service. Come on board Sennair’s Airbus VIP fleet and experience the service in available destinations such as Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia and many more.

Imagine you could experience a gondola ride in Venice and skiing in the Alps on the same day - explore the almost impossible with SennAir Helicopter and book your "ski-in ski-out flight".

Getting to the airport, whether for business or leisure, can be arranged without trouble or traffic jams, saving you stress and time.

GlobeAir and SennAir Helicopter

The reasons behind the partnership

Outstanding flying experiences deserve to be paired with exceptional services. That's why GlobeAir has partnered with SennAir Helicopter to provide unparalleled helicopter transfers and excursions for our discerning clientele, elevating their travel experiences to new heights.

"Our partnership with SennAir Helicopter exemplifies our commitment to elevating the luxury travel experience. Through our collaboration with SennAir Helicopter, we provide our clients with unrivalled convenience, exclusive access, and unforgettable journeys that redefine the essence of seamless luxury travel." CEO of GlobeAir, Bernhard Fragner

With a shared commitment to enhancing the customer journey from start to finish, seamless travel is vital in ensuring a flawless experience, particularly during the pivotal last-mile phase.

"Our vision is to make your trip an all-inclusive carefree package: Our B2B service allows you to transfer directly from private jet to helicopter and fly comfortably and quickly to your final destination. With GlobeAir, we have found the best partner to experience the fusion of private jet and helicopter. Because time is precious, we want to allow clients to use their time efficiently." CEO SennAir Helicopter, Hermann Eder

GlobeAir clients, benefitting from the shared recognition of the value of time, can anticipate a remarkably smooth and unforgettable end-to-end journey.

“We are proud to have GlobeAir as a partner who cares as much about customer satisfaction as we do.” VP Marketing & Sales SennAir Helicopter, Angelika Herzog

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