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GlobeAir is excited to be partnering with Catch-a-Jet to provide the opportunity to access live, on-demand empty leg flights across Europe. This alliance will revolutionise the empty leg flights market, bringing together both organisation's collective knowledge, experience and contacts within this sector.

About Catch-a-Jet

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The Catch-a-Jet app allows existing and new customers to book and pay for Empty Leg flights in only three easy clicks and under a minute. This ease of booking and payment is revolutionarily in the business aircraft industry.

Empty leg flights are flights apart from the crew; no passengers are on board. Empty legs are all private charter flights that fly without passengers on their way to reposition themselves from one airport to another.

"Catch-a-Jet is proud to be a business partner of GlobeAir. The two companies share many similarities and common goals. Both companies are innovative and aim to deliver their customers the best possible product most efficiently. By finding customers who purchase GlobeAir positioning flights flown without passengers, Catch-a-Jet complements GlobeAir very well - not only does it offer more potential customers the privilege of flying with a private jet, but it also supports sustainability.''Chris kuiper, CEO Catch-a-Jet

No membership or registration is required for the customers, neither do customers have to pay any fees, and the app will work on all iOS and Android devices. Customers can pay with a credit card, PayPal and through most European online bank methods.

''GlobeAir has been working to make business aviation more accessible since our inception. We have teamed with Catch-a-Jet and their innovative platform to give customers more choice by providing access to an increased number of empty legs.'' Jonathan Berdoz, VP Sales & Marketing GlobeAir

Customers can add an unlimited amount of desired city pairs. The flight will automatically pop up in the app if there is an exact match. Price, number of available seats, flight schedule and the aircraft's passenger equipment will be visible. If there is no exact match, the app will search for alternative routes within a certain distance between the departure and arrival destinations. The customer will get a push notification if the original desired route becomes available.

Customers can also search for all departures from any selected cities.

The Catch-a-Jet app will search automatically for any available return flight.

Customers can also enjoy Top deal of the day flights, which are unique in price and destinations.

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