GlobeAir to step up in support of Ukraine

GlobeAir partners with Hilfswerk International

Humanitarian aid requires an emergency response

GlobeAir has always been committed to the safety and protection of all its crew and passengers. As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine has unfolded, a humanitarian crisis is occurring. Millions of Ukrainian citizens have been affected by this crisis in their home country, and it's an international concern that is moving fast with ever-changing demands.

GlobeAir is deeply concerned about the tragic developments in Ukraine and stands with all the people who are suffering. GlobeAir will be partnering with Hilfswerk International as there are thousands of displaced families who require safety and need assistance and attention. Thousands of families have to flee hostilities in Ukraine. The abrupt departure from their homes suddenly puts people in dire need.

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''I cannot put myself in the shoes of the Ukrainian people during this absolute time of humane crisis. My GlobeAir team and I stand against the invasion of Ukraine and the use of arms against civilians. It's easy to forget that people living during times of war, especially women and children, are among those most vulnerable. The war in Ukraine fills me with deep sadness ,and solidarity goes out to all who suffer, fear for their lives and worry about their loved ones.'' Bernhard Fragner, CEO GlobeAir

One of GlobeAir's most powerful tools is the online booking system where you can book your private jet charter flight within minutes. Every passenger who books online will have the opportunity to donate €45 or more before finalising the booking of the charter flight. In 2021, we processed over 45,000 quotes through our online booking system for travellers and are confident we will be able to affect change and make a difference where it is needed.

GlobeAir is acting as a collective trustee and will forward all donations as payment to Hilfswerk International.

As communicated earlier this week, all aircraft and flights on a scheduled service that is owned, chartered or operated by Russia, or connected to Russia will not fly over EU airspace. Russian passengers and brokers are currently banned from doing business and entering the European Union member states. GlobeAir has stopped all services with Russian providers and passengers.

Making a difference to lives in Ukraine

Help knows no borders

Hilfswerk International is an Austrian organization that provides disaster relief, reconstruction and effective development cooperation around the world. Their focus is on the people, their health, the improvement of their living conditions and the promotion of families and especially children.

At the train station, Hilfswerk International provides the people with warm tea and information on where they can spend the night. After the people have received first aid at the train station in Ivano-Frankivsk, they are accompanied to one of the emergency shelters directly in the city. Here they can warm up, fortify themselves with meals, and take a shower. To respond to the extremely stressful psychological situation, psychosocial counselling and care are offered.

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“People are very afraid. We are used to conflict in Ukraine. But this is a new dimension. We are preparing for the worst: many deaths, massive destruction and new, large movements of refugees from east to west. The most important thing at the moment is the emergency care of internally displaced persons. We urgently need food, hygiene products, blankets and shelter." Olga, Hilfswerk International

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Published on March 3, 2022, updated on March 9, 2022


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