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Not only is Copenhagen a fantastic travelling spot with traditional food markets and piers, but it’s also a wealthy and vibrant city. Being awarded as Europe’s easiest place for doing business in 2012-2017, this city offers plenty of opportunities to invest as well as to recruit highly-skilled employees. Friendly attitude shapes the culture of this nation, where both leisure and business travellers like to make their ways. Discover how convenient travelling private to Denmark’s capital can be, and learn about how GlobeAir makes your travels easier.

When is the best time to go to Copenhagen?

Delve into Copenhagen’s famous Hygge spirit with a visit to Denmark’s capital during the winter months. Christmas markets, the delicious smell of cinnamon, hot chocolate and uncountable possibilities to shop will give you more than one reason to book your flights. In the autumn months, you will be able to cycle pleasantly around Copenhagen for a traditional experience before the Christmas temperatures strike. When the lines to some of the most-visited city attractions are shorter, that’s when you can enjoy sightseeing without a worry.

Leisure travel

Scandinavia’s most bustling city offers plenty of attractions to its tourists. Once a fishing village and a strategic port in the Baltic area, Copenaghen is today the symbol of slow travelling and high living standards. Advocating for the rights of work-life balance, Danes have built their identity on their relaxed yet efficient attitude. It is not uncommon for tourists to take off to Copenhagen for days full of relaxation. The city flaunts many art galleries and museums worth visiting, as well as amusement attractions in the neighbouring area: the Legoland Billund, the Bakken Amusement Park, the city’s Aquarium and Zoo and the Eskperimentarium.

The Tivoli Gardens are a perfect location to start your tour of Copenhagen downtown. Offering a wide range of events and attractions throughout the year, they boast some of the fanciest restaurants of the capital. With a themed outlook matching almost every festivity, this is where Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter are celebrated with parades and open-space celebrations. Stroll around the Strøget, Copenhagen’s largest shopping area and learn about Denmark’s royal family with a visit to the Amalienborg Palace. For all of those who may be interested in day-trip possibilities, we recommend that you head to the city of Elsinore. There, you will be able to visit Kronborg Castle, one of the most famous Danish castles of all. Travel back in time with a view of the Hamlet drama performed on an open-air stage in the castle’s courtyard to live a real exclusive experience.

The best hotels

Famous for its design hotels like the celebrated Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen is where you’ll sojourn at some of the most lavish hotels in Europe. Let us know your tastes, and we will strive to find the perfect hotel for you. Reserve a suite at the Nimb Hotel in the Tivoli Gardens or stay at the famous Hotel Sankt Petri located in the heart of the city. With its retro decorations, the one-of-a-kind Hotel Alexandra is the only retro hotel and a city classic.

The finest restaurants

If you are aiming for the very best, in Copenhagen there is a wide range of starred restaurants that will leave you pleasantly surprised. According to the latest luxury travel guides, Copenhagen is the premise of 15 Michelin-starred restaurants. Among the listed venues, the Geranium stands out with its three stars, followed by two-star restaurants the a,o,c and the Kadeau.


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