Mastering the art of Flight Plan creation at GlobeAir

How GlobeAir crafts the perfect Flight Plan

Unveiling the mysteries of private aviation: The Flight Plan

GlobeAir is renowned for delivering safe, efficient, and flexible on-demand private jet charter flights. Today, we're opening the hangar doors to reveal the meticulous crafting of the ideal flight plan.

A flight plan is more than a route; it's a sophisticated mix of safety, fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort. At GlobeAir, our expert dispatch team ensures every journey is a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Crafting the perfect flight plan is an art that combines safety, efficiency, and comfort. It requires a high level of expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of air travel. At GlobeAir, we've mastered this art, and it is our greatest pleasure to share how we do it with you.

Meet our flight architects

The GlobeAir Dispatch Team

At the core of every GlobeAir journey is our dedicated dispatch team, a group of seasoned professionals that seamlessly orchestrates each flight. This wealth of expertise and international certification ensures every GlobeAir flight meets and exceeds global safety and reliability standards.

Meet Nikolas Karampatzakis, a vital component of our dispatch team. Nick is an experienced Flight Operations Officer with a wealth of knowledge from his extensive airline/aviation industry background. But Nick isn't all business; his journey to becoming a dispatcher is unique, with dreams of exploring Robotic Science or Chemistry in his early days.

His passion for learning and curiosity about the world is still evident today. An avid reader and technology enthusiast, Nick's always looking for the latest tech trends that he can seamlessly integrate into our operations to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

At the heart of it all, the connection with his team truly lights him up. Nick's genuine love for his job and teammates shines through in his work, making him a crucial part of our operations and a beloved member of our GlobeAir family.

The journey begins

Crafting a Flight Plan from Geneva to Maastricht Aachen Airport

Let's embark on a flight journey from Geneva to Maastricht Aachen Airport. Our team employs cutting-edge PPS flight planning software integrated with our aviation program, Operator by Gözen, for a seamless planning experience.

Step 1: Inputting Flight Data

At GlobeAir, precision is more than just a priority; it's a defining ethos. Each flight plan is crafted meticulously from scratch to ensure optimal travel conditions. Our assessment continues beyond reading the weather patterns for the planned route. We keenly observe and respect the weather limitations the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) sets. This vigilance ensures every flight we undertake is within safe and legal bounds.

We carefully select an altitude that optimises the delicate balance between flight duration and fuel efficiency. Moreover, we always designate an alternate arrival airport within a 60-minute flight radius, adding a layer of safety and contingency to our robust flight planning process. The alternate airport to use is based on the Notams we receive and weather information. In most cases, we will try to select an alternate airport to suit our client's needs in case of any reason we cannot reach the original destination.

Step 2: Route Selection

Following the Standard Instrument Departure (SID) protocols, we select or create a valid ATC (Air Traffic Control) route using PPS with visual assistance from the Skyvector website. Our alternate airport plan aligns with the original for accurate fuel planning, and we follow Standard Arrival (STAR) procedures.

Step 3: Crew Assignment

A flight commander and first officer are assigned in this phase, ensuring a well-coordinated team for your flight.

Step 4: Fuel Calculation

We select the climb and cruise profile and calculate the minimum required fuel. A sufficient amount of fuel is added for contingency purposes which is set as a safety parameter.

Step 5: Mass & Balance

Mass balance is critical when preparing our flight plans at GlobeAir, mainly as we operate light jets. This involves meticulous calculations to ensure the correct distribution of mass onboard our aircraft. It is not just about fitting luggage and passengers; it's a question of safety and legality, impacting the aircraft's overall performance.

Every piece of luggage, every passenger, and the fuel we carry contribute to the aircraft's total weight. This weight must be distributed evenly to maintain the balance and stability of the aircraft during takeoff, cruise, and landing. Furthermore, we must always adhere to the legal weight limits set by aviation regulations and aircraft manufacturer for arrival and departure.

Final Step: Filing with Eurocontrol

We consider factors such as IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and non-scheduled transport. We also review the flight plan with ATC (Air Traffic Control), ensuring it meets all regulatory requirements.

Flying under VFR, or 'visual flight rules', largely relies on the pilot's ability to control and steer the aircraft based on their direct observation of the outside environment. On the other hand, IFR, which stands for 'instrument flight rules', signifies a method of flight where the pilot operates the aircraft solely based on the readings from the onboard instruments, without any visual cues from the exterior surroundings.

A simulation is run, and the flight plan gets approved if all is green. We cross-check the flight plan using NOP software from Eurocontrol and generate the crew briefing and load manifest.

What makes GlobeAir standout?

Essential tools for perfect flight planning

Our dispatch team relies on industry-leading tools such as PPS Flight Planning software and Operator by Gözen. PPS is renowned for its integrated solutions that enhance operational efficiency, safety, and staff satisfaction. Our proprietary software, Operator by Gözen, centralises vital information, simplifying aircraft scheduling, quoting, and management.

Navigating aviation challenges with GlobeAir

In the world of aviation, adapting to unpredictability is key. Whether it's fuel availability, national aviation strikes, or runway renovations, GlobeAir's flexibility and problem-solving expertise keep us operating high. We are always prepared to reschedule flights, take advantage of smaller regional airports, or adjust flight plans to circumvent disruptions and ensure a seamless journey for our passengers.

Technological innovations at GlobeAir

At GlobeAir, we're not just at the forefront of today's aviation world - we're shaping the future of it. We consistently work on digital advancements to streamline our processes, enhance our services, and provide our clients with an unparalleled travel experience.

Nikolas and our dedicated Robotics team are spearheading an exciting automation initiative. Our objective is to streamline and automate routine tasks, thus allowing our team to focus more on core flight planning operations and schedule management.

Tasks such as disseminating crew briefings, transmitting General Declarations (GenDecs), and generating various operational documents are integral to our operations but can be time-consuming. Automation in these areas will free up our team's valuable time, enabling them to concentrate on the intricate aspects of flight planning and management, thereby enhancing our operational efficiency.

The GlobeAir promise

Prioritising your comfort and safety

Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and comfort defines every decision. The result? A meticulously planned journey that prioritises your needs, safety, and time. At GlobeAir, we're more than a private aviation company - we're your trusted partner in the skies.

From flight data input to the final filing with Eurocontrol, every step of our flight plan creation process is executed precisely and carefully. Despite the unpredictable nature of aviation, our team's flexibility and problem-solving capabilities ensure a seamless journey.

With continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, we are not just responding to the aviation industry's needs but anticipating them.

Join us on this journey, and experience the GlobeAir difference.


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