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GlobeAir is partnering with Sea Cloud Cruises to provide you with an exclusive chance to sail in style and discover inspiration while enjoying a traditional windjammer experience with modern amenities.

Sea Cloud Cruises has been dedicated to sustainable tourism for more than 40 years. Travel with a small group to make the most of your trip. Enjoy meeting multicultural guests in the countries you visit, experience local cultures and local value characteristics, and positively benefit the region. This future-thinking mindset is aligned with contemporary thinking as Sea Cloud Cruises believe that travelling in harmony with nature is possible and necessary.

''With the extension of our partnership with Europe's largest private jet operator GlobeAir, Sea Cloud Cruises passengers can now enjoy the whole travel luxury experience from door to dock.'' Michael Baden, Sea Cloud Cruises GmbH, Director Sales

About Sea Cloud Cruises

Unique vacation experience with the charm of a classic

Since 1979 SEA CLOUD CRUISES has been one of the world's top names in cruises. The 90-year old four-masted barque SEA CLOUD, her younger sister the SEA CLOUD II and now the new SEA CLOUD SPIRIT combine the experience of traditional seamanship with the ambience and luxurious charm of classically elegant private yachts.

In harmony with nature and the people's interests in the destination areas, the sea voyages under sail follow courses away from well-worn cruise routes.

''It is our pleasure to be a Sea Cloud Cruises partner and assist our premium clients with the best yachting solutions. With so many opportunities to enjoy luxury sailing experiences, we know we can always rely on Sea Cloud Cruises.'' Dieter Pammer, GlobeAir Director Business Development

Learn more about the Sea Cloud Cruises family of luxury yachts:


A self-assured grande dame, a stylish yet informal sailing icon and a generous host – the SEA CLOUD is a living legend. Built as a private luxury yacht, this ship combines extravagant charm with an authentic tall ship experience.


Who says you cannot have it all? The tall ship SEA CLOUD II brings together the best of two worlds: This spacious three-masted barque offers all the amenities of a modern cruise ship whilst remaining a quintessential windjammer.


With her clear, classic outline, the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT follows the role model of her two elegant windjammer sisters but will be exploring entirely new horizons. The highest level of comfort combined with a relaxed sailing experience is the perfect alternative for cruise travellers.

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