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GlobeAir and Saintéloc Racing are thrilled to announce their partnership to provide world-class experiences to fans and motorsport enthusiasts to join compelling racing championships. The new, ground-breaking partnership between GlobeAir and Saintéloc Racing will combine both organisations' strengths and further strengthen the connection between the private aviation and racing industries.

About Saintéloc Racing

Since 2004, Saintéloc Racing has been operating as a family and helping young racing talents grow as drivers and human beings.

Today, the Saintéloc Racing team has become one of the biggest in Europe.

Sainteloc Racing is now racing in five main series that create the perfect ladder toward becoming a professional driver. Within their team, the Saintéloc Racing team value equality, care about each other and want everyone to be their best self.

Saintéloc Racing team's state-of-art facility covers an area of more than 5.000 square meters and is located at Saint Etienne in France.

Saintéloc Racing has more than 40 passionate and professional international and multicultural teams from many countries worldwide, all working together to achieve one common objective: victory!

GlobeAir and Saintéloc Racing: the reasons behind the partnership

Saintéloc Racing is happy to have GlobeAir assisting them to optimize their European transportation needs. GlobeAir will be there for the drivers and technicians for every race, providing them with a top-quality transportation service accessible 24/7 and able to accommodate their needs to the utmost degree.

''Saintéloc Racing is very pleased with this new partnership. GlobeAir's knowledge and excellence in the field of business aviation combined with Sainteloc Racing's racing skills will allow us to offer unique and exclusive experiences to GlobeAir's clients. In addition, knowing that our drivers can now benefit from GlobeAir's services to get to their respective events guarantees us peace of mind in managing their logistics.'' Morgan Caron, Managing Director Saintéloc Racing.

GlobeAir is excited about providing motorsport enthusiasts exclusive racing experiences and luxury travel opportunities across Europe and being the preferred travelling partner for Saintéloc Racing.

''We are excited to be providing not just a travel solution but a unique luxury experiences from door to circuit while providing reliable and quality solutions to optimise the Saintéloc Racing performances. We are excited to support and reinforce the connection between motorsport racing and business aviation.'' GlobeAir Partnership and Event Manager, Jean-Eudes Fauville

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