About Goodwool & GlobeAir

A successful combination to protect your passions

GlobeAir is partnering with premium luxury car shell provider Goodwool as both organisations share a deep devotion for passion. Providing customisation and personalisation, offering unique and true value as well as deep insight with every step of the journey, are just some of the characteristics shared making this a perfect partnership.

No limits to customisation

Discover why GlobeAir partners with Goodwool

Goodwool is disrupting the traditional car cover industry through the creation of the new premium car-shell segment. Thanks to its innovative technology, Goodwool is the only company offering fully customized car shells, with endless customization options, perfectly fitted to any car form and shape, made of the most advanced and exclusive wool/tech bonded fabrics.

Goodwool product offer ranges from full bespoke shells for Indoor use (ATELIER) to bespoke ones
for Outdoor/extreme performance (AQUA), to lightweight car shells for iconic car models (SKIN). Bespoke car seats indoor shells are offered, too (CAR SEATS).

Goodwool is the only shell in the market to use, thanks to its proprietary patents, the finest merino wool combined with technical fabrics.

Thanks to a fully digital flow process, from concept to development, 3D modelling allows Goodwool to reproduce any car shape and design with pinpoint accuracy, adding digital printing for ultimate details matching.

About Goodwool & GlobeAir

Sharing a passion for profession, that is why GlobeAir has chosen Goodwool to offer bespoke quality car shell covers to our discerning customers.

"The perfect recipe combining exceptional quality, and passion are the top values shared by GlobeAir and Goodwool, we regard them as the essence of luxury protection. The modern signature designs will provide inspiration to our clients while protecting their passions. That is why we are more than proud to be working with Goodwool." Jean-Eudes Fauville, GlobeAir's Partnership Manager.

At the same time, the Goodwool company finds value in partnering with GlobeAir as its appreciators are people and travellers who look for the most refined tastes when it comes to taking care of those passions.

"Passion is what we share with GlobeAir. Passion for excellence, through professionalism and unique service and product offer to our discerning customers." Goodwool CEO, Sebastiano Moschini

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