Geneva Polo Club

GlobeAir to glad to be long time partners of the Geneva Polo Club

Discover the ultimate in luxury and sophistication

Look no further than the partnership between GlobeAir and the Geneva Polo Club for those seeking elegance. Our collaboration brings together two of the most distinguished names in luxury travel and sport.

Experience the pinnacle of sophistication with GlobeAir and the Geneva Polo Club - two names synonymous with luxury. Our long-standing partnership brings you a seamless journey that combines the thrill of the polo field with the comfort of private jet travel.

We are proud to have established a long-standing relationship that has allowed us to provide our customers with truly unforgettable experiences. Whether you're a seasoned polo fan or a newcomer to the sport, the combination of GlobeAir's private jets and the Geneva Polo Club's thrilling polo matches will leave a lasting impression.

Join us in celebrating a partnership built on luxury, sport, and a shared passion for excellence.

About the Geneva Polo Club

The Geneva Polo club is located just minutes away from downtown Geneva.

The club was founded in 2008 by Coast Sullenger on a 30-hectare estate comprising two immaculate grass polo fields, the club is the perfect place to play this fast and exhilarating sport.

The friendly and relaxed atmosphere enjoyed by our 50 players & members and the high-quality facilities and services provided by over 12 committed GPC staff to allow players, partners and the public to enjoy tournaments and daily training sessions from May to October.

Why is GlobeAir partnering with the Geneva Polo Club?

"At GlobeAir, we believe that luxury is not just in the destination but in the journey itself. Our partnership with the Geneva Polo Club elevates that journey to new heights, offering our clients a seamless blend of comfort, excitement, and sophistication." GlobeAir Partnership and Event Manager, Jean-Eudes Fauville

GlobeAir takes pride in providing seamless transportation for our passengers to attend some of the most elite events, including those held in Geneva. We are honoured to be associated with the prestigious Geneva Polo Club:

Our partnerships in the Polo Tournament industry have solidified our commitment to luxury travel. GlobeAir offers the ultimate solution for those seeking to attend exclusive events like the Geneva Polo Club.

Geneva is a popular destination among our passengers, and with GlobeAir, our clients have the opportunity to experience the Geneva Polo Club Tournaments in style and comfort.

"The Geneva Polo Club is proud to partner with GlobeAir, offering our guests the ultimate luxury travel. Our shared commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our goal of providing the best in sports and entertainment experiences. With GlobeAir, our guests can now arrive in style and comfort, ready to immerse themselves in the excitement of the polo field." Geneva Polo Club Sponsorship Manager, Léa Bravo

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