Introducing #WeArePlanetA, GlobeAir's brand-new CSER roadmap

GlobeAir is to step up its commitment to the environment

With a CSER-dedicated agenda which will include carbon offsetting options for its passengers

#WeArePlanetA is GlobeAir’s brand-new CSER (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility) roadmap kick-starting in February 2020 and putting sustainability as one of the company's long-term goals

Europe's leading private jet charter operator in the very light jet segment, GlobeAir, has just announced that it will now be possible to offset one's carbon footprint when boarding their private jet flights. The company, which has revolutionised short-haul premium air travel and has lately been including cutting-edge technology for its operations, is now ready to take a tangible step towards sustainability.

With business aviation's carbon emissions amounting to approximately 2% of all aviation and just 0.04% of global human-made emissions (EBAA), GlobeAir is committed to doing its part in attenuating the effects that our behaviours have on the environment.

"We can't ignore the fact that our actions have a direct impact on the planet. As a private jet operator, we are conscious of the status of the environment and committed to doing our part. #WeArePlanetA is our journey towards tackling the sustainability discourse at GlobeAir," said CEO Bernhard Fragner.

GlobeAir, which has been offering premium travel solutions for ten years and collaborating with sustainability-conscious partners like EBAA and Air BP has now teamed up with the Swiss company carbon-connect AG to provide carbon offsetting opportunities to its customers. Together, GlobeAir and carbon-connect AG – which is also Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen's preferred partner for carbon offsetting – have shaped the carbon offsetting experience for GlobeAir's passengers. Three available carbon offset options can be chosen depending on one's commitment levels; the main sustainable projects are: one Forest Conservation Project in Brazil and one combustible mine gas degassing project in Germany.

Passengers can easily choose to add the offsetting option as an additional service to their booking via the seamless online interface available on GlobeAir also promises to release certificates of engagement to those passengers who have chosen to offset their flights; as well as this, passengers will receive a yearly update on the sustainable projects they have supported.

GlobeAir's engagement in sustainability is not limited to the carbon offset programme. The private jet operator has mentioned that it will engage in three different core areas which will help the company align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Among many of the actions that GlobeAir is committed to working on in the years to come, the company mentions SAF or alternative fuel, plastic-free cockpit and cabin, recycling and crew education on sustainability.

To achieve its long-term goals and develop a structured CSER strategy, GlobeAir has set up a sustainable-dedicated committee, lead by GlobeAir's marketing manager and One Young World Ambassador Laura Casati, and including representatives from all of the company's core business units. GlobeAir's first step towards becoming a more sustainable private jet company is the flying start to a sustainability agenda with a holistic approach, thus encompassing all the possible areas of their business.

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