Inside GlobeAir’s operations during COVID-19

Your safety and health is our highest priority

How is GlobeAir protecting passengers and crew during such critical times?

The introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all our daily lives and forces us to change our behaviour, businesses find themselves needing to be resilient amidst change and be as flexible as possible under such circumstances. With the emergence of new variants, passengers have an increased awareness of biosecurity risks, and it is our responsibility as GlobeAir to provide peace of mind to all those travelling.

Emphasis should be placed on ensuring that communication about preventive measures is distributed to all our passengers and potential travellers about the measures which have been implemented. Our operational crew teams are very much aware of the importance of their role and responsibility during this time.

GlobeAir has implemented five fast risk-mitigating measures to ensure that passengers and crew are provided with the highest safety standards. The measures were put forward and carried out by GlobeAir's dedicated COVID-19 crisis team with full company support and followed strictly by everyone at our organisation.

Measure 1: Ensure that the crew and passengers are protected and healthy

All GlobeAir employees are healthy and in good shape

GlobeAir will prioritise pilot and crew health by ensuring they are regularly tested to confirm their status. Pilots are regularly asked to confirm their health status, by providing a negative Antigen Test on the day prior to starting duty, if a crew change takes place as well by providing an Antigen test result once rotation has been completed and the pilot is in their home residence. All Antigen test kits are provided to the crew by GlobeAir.

There is a high focus on prevention; GlobeAir's pilots follow EASA's safety directions wearing masks and gloves.

Measure 2: Ensure the highest health and safety standards.

Which precautions is GlobeAir taking against contamination?

GlobeAir is focused on making the experience of flying as hygienic as possible. In this video, GlobeAir takes viewers through the step by step process to disinfect the aircraft by implementing thorough measures for sanitation as well as by providing inflight disinfectant kits. Onboard these are always available.

Measure 3: Pilots are matched by their home base country

Reduction of crew pairing and risk mitigation

GlobeAir's dedicated Crew Support team have made every effort to revise the crew pairing to reflect their home base or country while also coinciding with similar roster dates and times. Although this can be difficult due to Europe’s large number of countries, pairing is always our top priority when creating the crew roster.

These changes are encouraged to prevent sharing variants and keep passengers safe, knowing that the crew operating a flight is familiar with their various touchpoints.

Measure 4: GlobeAir remains available 24/7

Ready to satisfy all flight inquiries and process of information

Our dedicated Customer Care team is readily available 24/7 to answer all related queries around the more specific information regarding travel policies or mandatory regulations in the country you would like to visit, manage the inflow of the required documentation and communication with crew and the authorities that the regulations have been met and are satisfactory for passengers to enter the country.

At the time of making a booking, passengers are immediately informed as to the precise requirements via their preferred communication channel.

Measure 5: The importance of a strong dedicated COVID team

Keeping updated with relevant and required adjustments

The designated crisis team at GlobeAir has been appointed to monitor all news and restrictions hour by hour by navigating all changes. The GlobeAir Travel Map is updated in real-time to provide constant communication and shares its knowledge with the objective to mitigate uncertainties and insecurities of our passengers and crew.

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Published on April 6, 2020, updated on March 5, 2024


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