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Unraveling the magic of Mykonos

Mykonos, the cosmopolitan jewel of the Cyclades islands, is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, whitewashed buildings, and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

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Why visit Mykonos?

The island's architecture is a testament to its past, with white cubic houses, narrow alleys, and bright splashes of colour in the form of bougainvillaea flowers. These picturesque streets, adorned with blue-domed churches and ornate doorways, create a captivating atmosphere that draws visitors worldwide.

The island's energy is contagious, and its vibrant nightlife scene is renowned worldwide. As the sun sets, Mykonos transforms into a playground for party-goers, with various options to suit every taste. From luxurious beach clubs featuring international DJs and sunset parties to traditional tavernas offering live Greek music and dancing, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

But Mykonos is more than just a party destination. Discover the island's rich cultural history while exploring museums, galleries, and historical sites. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos to learn about the island's ancient past, or admire the works of local artists at the Rarity Gallery.

Mykonos offers a range of outdoor activities for those looking to connect with nature. Explore hidden coves and secret beaches on a sea kayaking adventure, or hike the island's rugged trails for panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

Indulge in authentic Greek cuisines, such as freshly caught seafood, succulent souvlaki, and mouth-watering moussaka, while sipping local wines or the famous ouzo. Don't forget to try the island's signature dessert, amygdalota – almond cookies that are both sweet and delicious.

When is the best time to go to Mykonos?

The best time to visit Mykonos is between May and October, during which the weather is warm and clear skies prevail.

Leisure travel

Explore the island's vibrant nightlife, charter a private yacht to discover hidden beaches, or unwind with a rejuvenating spa treatment at one of the island's luxurious wellness centres.

  1. Beach hopping: Mykonos boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean. Relax on the golden sands of Elia Beach, party at the famous Paradise Beach, or enjoy water sports at Kalafatis Beach. There's a beach for every mood!
  2. Stroll around Little Venice: Discover the charming neighbourhood of Little Venice, famous for its colourful balconies hanging over the sea. Enjoy a cocktail or coffee while watching the sun setting behind the iconic windmills.
  3. Explore the winding streets of Mykonos Town: Lose yourself in the maze-like streets of Mykonos Town, where you'll find hidden gems like boutique shops, art galleries, and cosy tavernas.
  4. Visit Delos Island: Take a day trip to Delos's UNESCO World Heritage site, an important archaeological site and the birthplace of the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis.
  5. Join a sailing cruise: Experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea by embarking on a sailing cruise around Mykonos and the neighbouring islands and enjoy the deep sapphire blue of the water.

The best hotels

Our team of GlobeAir travel connoisseurs, with years of experience exploring the world's most exquisite destinations, has handpicked the following hotels just for you.

These remarkable properties have been carefully selected to ensure an unforgettable stay, encapsulating the true essence of Mykonos and offering the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and memorable experiences:

  1. Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge: This luxurious boutique hotel offers an intimate setting with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Enjoy the infinity pool, gourmet restaurant, and a serene spa experience.
  2. Myconian Ambassador Hotel & Thalasso Spa Center: Located near the famous Platis Gialos Beach, this elegant hotel offers spacious rooms and villas, a rejuvenating spa, and fine dining options.
  3. Boheme Mykonos: This trendy, adults-only boutique hotel is within walking distance of Mykonos Town. With an emphasis on design and exceptional service, Boheme Mykonos is perfect for a stylish getaway.

The finest restaurants

Our team of GlobeAir culinary aficionados, who have savoured flavours from the world's most delectable destinations, has curated a list of must-try restaurants for your Mykonos adventure.

These exceptional dining establishments have been handpicked to satisfy your taste buds and create unforgettable gastronomic experiences that showcase this enchanting island's vibrant and diverse culinary scene:

  1. Nikolas Tavern: Situated along the quaint Agia Anna Beach, Nikolas Taverna can be found on the pedestrian trail connecting Platis Gialos and Paraga beaches. Established in 1967, this classic eatery has been operated by three generations of the same family, maintaining its long-standing traditions.
  2. Funky Kitchen: Open between May and October, travellers will enjoy innovative Mediterranean cuisine with a twist at this modern, stylish eatery in the heart of Mykonos Town.
  3. Scorpios: Experience the ultimate beach club atmosphere at Scorpios, where you can indulge in delectable organic dishes, sip on refreshing cocktails, and dance to the beat of live music.


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