Behind the wings: Jonathan Berdoz VP Sales & Marketing

Behind the wings VP edition: meet GlobeAir's VP Sales & Marketing Jonathan Berdoz

The secret of delivering a perfect customer experience for high-end travellers unveiled

When we talk about customer experience, we refer to the level of satisfaction of our discerning customers along the whole journey with GlobeAir. From the moment they see our pictures on social media to the moment they engage with us for their first flights and until they reach their destinations.

Over the years, GlobeAir has built a reputation for itself as the one-stop shop for luxury travel experiences: private jet flights, bespoke limousine or helicopter transfers, unique villa rentals, or 5-starred hotel stays and much more. Today, for our Behind the wings series, we are interviewing Jonathan Berdoz, who has spent the last ten years of his life at GlobeAir, helping the company grow and thrive as it does today.

Jonathan's early days: how did it all started

Passion, rigour and the correct mindset have Jonathan's career development since the beginning

Freshly graduated from EHL (Hotel Management School Lausanne), Jonathan moved to Linz for love and started his career in aviation as the hotel industry did not offer great opportunities in Linz and surroundings.

More than ten years ago, Jonathan started as a customer care manager to swiftly became a business development manager. However, his passion for aviation and his capability of foreseeing the customers' needs made it clear that he wanted to do even more for the company. Having shown signs of clever judgment and flexibility when finding practical solutions for GlobeAir travellers, Jonathan was promoted as head of customer care and consequently the Head of Sales and Customer Service back in 2016.

The company was growing, and we were looking for people who could understand the market, go out there and find the right partners to build long-lasting relationships with them for the benefit of GlobeAir. As a result, in ten years, the fleet grew from 8 to 21 private jets. Seeing the growth of GlobeAir and being a part of it still amazes me, says Jonathan Berdoz.

What qualities were needed for you to achieve what you have managed?

When you work at GlobeAir, your background may come as handy. For example, Jonathan had studied hotel management, a pure service-centred industry, so it is straightforward for him that an actual customer-oriented employee tries always to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer.

Another thing is the ability to stay humble. When I was at the hotel management school, says Jonathan, you had to go through all the possible tasks to learn the job. It is essential to know that every task can be necessary to deliver a superior customer experience, even making the beds. In that way, there is not a task that is more important than another. You have to have the whole picture and end goal always in mind.

What do you like most about your job as a sales and marketing specialist at GlobeAir?

Daily challenges, great customers to be in contact with and also the possibility to lead teams of very committed people, says Jonathan. Whereas the end goal is always to anticipate the needs of our passengers and help them out, Jonathan enjoys the fact that he can get in contact with many different personalities and nationalities as he leads both the sales and the marketing teams.

What does it really mean to be a good team leader in your opinion?

It is important to understand every personality within the team and put them in the right position offering the best service. This is why we encourage job rotation as we feel they will be better in different tasks.

Jonathan is confident about the fact that everybody can grow into an aviation specialist as long as they are willing to earn it, train and learn from the people who have been there before. He prefers to encounter bright minds and young talents instead of valuing the years of aviation experience first.

Sales & Marketing at GlobeAir

What are the synergies?

There is a strong synergy between marketing and customer service. The first is creating a solid brand, and the latter takes it over from there if you pass me the expression. We engage customers with excellent and witty marketing. We deliver the best travel experience leveraging our aviation expertise and our connections with high-end hospitality centres in Europe and worldwide. Marketing gives us the tools and sales to foster the relationship with the customers, showing them that an actual structure and excellent service support those marketing campaigns or actions.

Can you give us an example of a delighted customer?

I remember a day when airports were running at total capacity with no slots available. Thanks to our strong network of partners, we managed to satisfy a brand-new private jet flyer who wanted to fly to Ibiza on an August day. Ibiza had no slots at all. So we have decided to do as a team to fly him to Palma and offer the helicopter transfer to Ibiza at our expense. We were sure we could make it possible for our customer to reach his destination on time and without significant disruptions, and so we did.Another example of outstanding customer experience was the one we delivered to one of our passengers who is also a football player. This passenger had four days off and asked us to take care of the total days for him. We suggested the correct destinations, and we brought along his friends as well, managing to find the proper villa he had requested when outside all availabilities for last-minute rentals were impossible to fulfil. In the end, the package included: flights, transfers, activities, villas, dinner, club, beach club. This has only been possible thanks to our daily job of creating good bonds with all our local partner facilities around the airports we serve the most.

Let's trace back the successes of your teams

Could you give us an example of a very successful marketing event you recall?

Last September, during the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) 2021, we gathered influential GlobeAir stakeholders, including famous athletes and the Monaco royal family, to the Cap Estel Hotel. Due to COVID-19, there were not so many events going on at that time, and we involved the whole team and our local partners in the French Riviera in delivering one of the most spectacular safe high-end meet & greeting events could have possibly done. The collaboration of trustworthy friends and partners like Lanéva Boats, Monacair and the Cap Estel was crucial for making it happen.

More business or more leisure travellers? What is GlobeAir experiencing?

When I started, ten years ago we had a clear split: half travellers for leisure and half for business travels. Today, the picture has changed. The shift is due to the nature of our customers: they are more entrepreneurial and they like to work wherever they can have a good time, bridging business with leisure. That's when a private jet charter becomes a lifestyle product. Day returns from one city to another are fewer and there is more of a focus to enjoy the destination of your travels.

What is the future of luxury hospitality according to you?

For us at GlobeAir, the future will see the intensification of our partnership management, which has brought us some great connections with long-lasting partners. We are building a robust network of contacts with the right players in our best-performing markets – such as the French Riviera, Munich, Milan, London, and others. We will hire many more talents, and we will ramp up our experiences for discerning travellers.

Luxury hospitality is more and more shaping itself as an industry that can and should do everything for the customer. The traveller does not want to think of every detail of their trip, and this is why a company like GlobeAir exists and will flourish – only when they can keep up with the required standards. I believe that hospitality in the future will see the success of just two opposite categories: the very cheap options and luxury giving less and less space to middle-category offerings.

Jonathan's bio

Jonathan is Swiss, and he is 35 years old. Married with two young kids – one is three and one is almost 2. His passions include family, work, languages and discovering new cultures. His parents are both entrepreneurs and he started to work at a very young age. Jonathan has one brother working for Nespresso and two sisters who are teachers. He lives in the countryside, the only place where he can recharge the battery in peace after a hard day at work. Travelling, both for work and leisure, is also one of the things he likes doing extensively.

Jonathan Berdoz

Jonathan Berdoz

VP Sales and Marketing


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