Escape the cold to these warm Christmas destinations

Escape the chill and embrace the sun

Book a private jet to the warmest Christmas destinations

Bid farewell to the biting cold of European winters and welcome the sun's embrace this festive season. Why dream of a white Christmas when you can indulge in a tropical one? For those craving golden beaches over frosty mornings, our private jet charter service offers an escape to the world's most captivating warm Christmas destinations.

From the sun-kissed horizons of Maui to the chic festivities of St. Barts, let's embark on a journey of warmth and splendour. Discover the unbelievable luxury and exclusive experiences waiting for you this December!

Our global alliance of premium private jet operators ensures you have access to a diverse fleet of aircraft tailored to meet your every travel need. Whether you're seeking a long-haul journey to a sun-drenched retreat or a shorter domestic flight to uncover the hidden gems of a cosy, warm Christmas haven, GlobeAir stands ready to elevate your holiday experience.

As Europe's leading private jet charter company, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service, ensuring your travel is seamless from takeoff to the final mile. Our commitment to excellence means you can indulge in the luxury of comfort and efficiency, no matter where your festive spirit takes you.

Let GlobeAir be the sleigh that whisks you away to enchanting locales where the sun kisses your skin and the holiday cheer is as warm as the climate. From the sandy shores of the Caribbean to the inviting landscapes of the Mediterranean, your perfect Christmas escape awaits.

St. Barts, Caribbean: Chic Festive Luxury

Book a private jet charter to St. Barts

Set your compass for the sunlit luxury of St. Barts this Christmas, where the warmth of the Caribbean sun blends seamlessly with French elegance. With its fourteen beaches set along its 32 kilometres of untouched coastline, this is the ultimate destination for celebrities and affluent travellers.

Begin your bespoke journey with our private jet charter service, which promises to surround you in style from the moment you take off. Stay at the iconic Eden Rock Hotel, perched above turquoise waters, or choose the secluded splendour of Villa Marie Saint Barth for a restful retreat.

St. Barts offers an exclusive getaway for the discerning traveller, from the soft sands of Gouverneur Beach to the high-end boutiques of Gustavia. Dine on French-Latin fusion at Bonito St. Barth, with the harbour's twinkling lights as your backdrop, and conclude your evenings in the exclusive nightlife scene this island is renowned for.

Maldives: An Intimate Christmas in Tropical Bliss

Book a private jet charter to the Maldives

Escape to the Maldives for a Christmas that promises tranquillity and intimate luxury amidst the Indian Ocean's azure waters. The Maldives is considered one of the world's best snorkelling and diving locations, allowing travellers to swim freely in the Indian Ocean and take in the sight of sea life and colourful coral.

With our private jet service, you'll land in a paradise where overwater villas offer a unique holiday experience. The eco-friendly Soneva Fushi harmonises with its pristine surroundings, while the Cheval Blanc Randheli epitomises peaceful luxury.

Dive into the Baa Atoll's underwater marvels and explore the over 70 islands, or dine five metres below sea level at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant for a culinary adventure. When the stars come out, the Maldives transforms into a tranquil haven, perfect for beachside dinners and cinema under the stars.

Seychelles: A Natural Paradise for a Tranquil Christmas

Book a private jet charter to the Seychelles

Set off for a Seychelles Christmas vacation, where natural brilliance and serene beaches await. The Seychelles, nestled in the Indian Ocean just off East Africa, offers a year-round paradise with its tropical climate and exquisite landscapes. Positioned just below the equator, this archipelago promises endless sun and balmy weather, perfect for beach enthusiasts and aquatic adventurers.

Our private jet service will whisk you to an island paradise where luxury and nature combine. Raffles Seychelles and Six Senses Zil Pasyon provide sumptuous stays amidst breathtaking beauty.

Explore the soft sands of Anse Lazio or the rich marine life of Sainte Anne Marine National Park. As evening approaches, the Seychelles offers an elegant nightlife, from the Takamaka Rum Distillery to the soothing sounds of the ocean at La Digue Island Lodge.

Dubai, UAE - Winter Sun in the Lap of Luxury

Book a private jet charter to Dubai

Dubai is where the winter sun meets the pinnacle of luxury, and the city's grandeur shines as brightly as the season's festivities.

Travel in unparalleled comfort with our private jet service, landing you amidst the luxury of the Burj Al Arab or the refined elegance of the Armani Hotel Dubai.

Dubai is a playground for the elite, boasting architectural marvels and lavish lifestyles. Discover retail paradise at the largest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall, savour exquisite seafood at Pierchic, and as dusk settles, choose between the exhilarating high life at Skyview Bar or enjoy a drink in the tranquil desert under a starlit sky.

Sydney, Australia: A Sun-Drenched Christmas Celebration

Book a private jet charter to Sydney

Experience the joy of a summer Christmas in the vibrant city of Sydney. Our private jet charter service is your ticket to a festive season under the Southern Hemisphere sun, combining luxury travel with the excitement of the holidays.

The Park Hyatt Sydney offers a luxurious stay with iconic views, while The Langham Sydney provides a tranquil oasis.

Sydney's festive spirit is infectious, with its refreshing beaches and the Sydney Festival's cultural feast. As the sun sets, join the revelry at the Ivy Pool Club or take in a performance at the Sydney Opera House for an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

Our partnership with Australian private jet operator Airly provides you the opportunity to travel across "the Land Down Under" with preferential rates and exceptional service. Take advantage of their exclusive Wine and Dine experience, providing exclusivity and a culinary journey across Australia.

Cape Town, South Africa - A Culturally Festive Melting Pot

Book a private jet charter to Cape Town

Embark on a journey to Cape Town this Christmas, where the warmth of the African sun meets a vibrant cultural mosaic.

With our private jet service, you'll arrive at the One&Only Cape Town, offering majestic views of Table Mountain, or find serenity at the Ellerman House, a boutique haven of peace.

Cape Town's holiday charm is as diverse as its stunning landscape. Climb to the summit of Table Mountain, unwind on the Clifton Beaches, take a wine tour across Stellenboschand or indulge in the innovative culinary delights of The Test Kitchen.

As night falls, the V&A Waterfront's upscale bars and clubs come alive, or you might prefer a tranquil evening savouring local wines and delicious freshly caught seafood at The Two Oceans Restaurant with views of the Cape of Good Hope and the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Tropical Christmas Carnaval

Book a private jet charter to Rio de Janeiro

Embark on a festive journey to Rio de Janeiro, where Christmas pulsates with the rhythm of samba and the city's exuberant spirit rivals its legendary Carnaval. With our exclusive private jet charter service, you'll touch down in the heart of the Marvelous City, alive with Christmas time cheer and tropical warmth.

Indulge in the luxury of the Belmond Copacabana Palace or the chic sophistication of Fasano Rio de Janeiro, both sanctuaries of luxury offering a tranquil escape from the metropolitan vibrancy.

Drift along the famous sands of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, where the sun's golden touch and the Atlantic's calm waters are as refreshing as the caipirinhas served at the waterfront kiosks.

Epicurean delights await at Aprazível in Santa Teresa, where the flavours of Brazil are served with panoramic views. For those craving a Michelin-starred experience, ORO Restaurant offers an innovative culinary journey that tantalizes the palate.

As dusk settles over Rio, the city becomes a carnival of evening delights. Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and sultry dances of Rio's nightlife, a celebration of life that invites you to dance until dawn.

Goa, India - Exotic Celebrations by the Arabian Sea

Book a private jet charter to Goa

Embark on an exotic Christmas Goa, where Portuguese heritage and Indian culture combine for a unique festive celebration. Our private jet service takes you to this serene coastal paradise.

Stay at the Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, where old-world charm meets modern luxury or the Grand Hyatt Goa provides a rested end to your day with its lush gardens and lagoons, making for a serene Goa Portuguese Christmas traditions experience.

Goa's Christmas is a story of sun, sea, and spirituality. Relax on the beaches of Agonda or participate in the midnight mass at the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Culinary adventurers can savour the flavours of Goan cuisine at Vinayak Family Restaurant, a local gem known for its authentic dishes.

The state's nightlife blends laid-back beach bars and vibrant clubs. Enjoy the evening at Tito's Lane, a bustling nightlife strip, or find peace at a beachfront candlelit dinner.

These destinations promise not just an escape from the cold but an immersion into a Christmas filled with sun-kissed memories and unparalleled luxury. Let's set the coordinates for warm sands and inviting waters, leaving the wintry whispers behind.

With our bespoke flight experiences, the journey is as extraordinary as the destination. Pack your finest swimwear and your holiday spirit, and let us whisk you away to a festive season where the warmth of the sun is matched only by the joy of the journey. Happy Warm Holidays!


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