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Sylt is different in a way you just have to experience for yourself. This is why we are partnering with Audi to let you experience the excitement of e-mobility in the quiet North Frisian island. You can now charter your private jet from anywhere in Europe and board your Audi e-tron right upon landing. With GlobeAir, your Audi e-tron is free for you to roam around Sylt for one hour; contact us for more information.

The Audi e-tron is fully electric, and is a perfect fit for Sylt combining luxury with performance. Today there are numerous vehicles available for tourists to go around the island at their own pace; exclusively, all GlobeAir customers are offered the opportunity to drive the Audi e-tron for two hours free of charge. Thanks to the service provided by MILES Carsharing, the Audi e-tron can exclusively be picked up right in front of the private jet terminal at the Sylt airport.

Thanks to its pure electric drive, the vehicle can be driven from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.7 seconds. The e-tron's interior is exceptionally spacious so that you can take your luggage and friends with you to the beach; exceptionally quiet, the vehicle also respects the environment as the new Audi is completely emission free.

The next stage of electric mobility

From the 80's Audi Quattro to Audi e-tron

Every car and rally enthusiast knows the Audi Quattro from the Eighties: the legendary all-wheel-drive sport coupé that conquered the market. The same driving experience is now available in an e-vehicle: with all-wheel electric power delivering up to 300 kW (408 hp) and 664 Nm of torque, the e-tron goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds delivering impressive performance. But don't worry: the peace and quiet of Sylt will remain undisturbed, as there is barely a hum, even when you put your foot down. The noise only picks up when you are at speed, but even then, it is just the wind and the sound of the tyres on the road. There is also the gratifying feeling of generating zero CO2 emissions despite your speed. In other words, the e-tron is fast but not furious.

Low-lying with fine views

With a range of 417 km, you can circumnavigate the island several times in an e-tron, a service which is provided by MILES Carsharing. Sylt's roads are a good place to develop a feel for the e-tron's nimble manoeuvrability. Speed past the dunes and stop in Morsum for a hearty fish breakfast at Café Ingwersen, or browse for unique fashion accessories in Kampen's boutiques. Bear in mind, however, that physically the town's high point is the Uwe Dune, just 52 m above sea level.

It offers an excellent view nonetheless, and after you "ascent" you can sit back with a drink in one of the many beach bars such as Buhne 16 which is adjacent to Kampen, or L.A. (Lister Austemperle) Sylt, or Kapmen's notorious Sansibar.

Lifestyle times two

Sylt like you have never experienced it before

Sylt natives never let low temperatures spoil their beach fun. "Warm clothes, cold drinks" is the order of the day, and the outdoor bars are always open, even when the temperature drops below 20°C. For stunning views over the Wadden Sea, try the Soundowner Terrace at Walter's Hof in Kampen, which also offers excellent accommodation. Over a glass of wine, with a view of the North Sea and the sun sinking below the horizon, you can ponder whether the deepest impression was left by the soft shapes of the Sylt landscape and the Nordic serenity of its residents, or by the streamlined silhouette and even temperament of the e-tron. We believe that it might be a combination of the two.

GlobeAir picks

  • Gosch Alte Bootshalle Seafood Restaurant: Excellent seafood in a rustic atmosphere: the bar counter is made of an old fishing vessel. All manner of seafood dishes are available.
  • Keitum: Idyllic: this artists' colony on the east of the island offers greenery, tranquility and unique jewellery shops.
  • Ellenbogen: Sweepingly romantic dunes: on Sylt's northernmost tip this is one of Europe's most beautiful.
  • Hotel Walter's Hof, Kampen: For early-risers or twilight romantics: somewhere to watch the sun come up or go down. Spacious rooms, ranging from 35 to 85 m2, and dramatic views of the boundless sea.
  • Manne Pahl: This place right in the hotspot of Kampen serves the best Wiener Schnitzel between Denmark and Switzerland, as well as many other exceptional dishes.

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